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So you know if if you had a way to world war one or world war two style. You know one thing you see a lot. What do you see. we learned this from napoleon. if you bomb the lines that are or the trains that are bringing supplies you know. Napoleon meet a lot of bad decisions. John's mma roderick mother calls and bonaparte put apartment a lot of bad decisions. You know you going east to attack. Russia over a very long line is going to cause problems. There's a very good info graphic about this pupil on the lines. The trains the bring the supplies. And you knock out the ability to communicate. You are isolating many different groups of your military. They've lost the ability to communicate. And i think i believe. Please don't email me. I believe that's what happened with the creation of the internet was. We need a way to make sure that one or more attacks that hurt the continuity of communication won't kill all the communication is it. Isn't that kind of right. i can look it. I mean. I think i think that is right. That is my understanding your more or less as well and you know. There's there's all kinds of things there where nobody ever. i mean. There was a time when you're telling that account or your whatever counting password passwords had to be invented because he was never assumed it was never again. We never figured that the people go in and want dick around and change your finger profile to make you look jerker whatever. Not passwords. were an invention of time. They weren't baked in from the beginning. It okay well we gotta fix that. Dos where people thinking about ddos in nineteen sixty eight. I kinda doubt it down at the latest update. I got perplex. The other day is about preventing. Do as a denial of service attacks because that infrastructure didn't exist in the will to do it. That's that's real weird. Supervillain joker stuff that they would not have thought cesar romero never would have done that in a mustache makeup interconnected and complex and i think i feel like that's an interesting topic for lots of things especially here. Do you have any thoughts on that. Does that and just talked a lot as i do. Is that resonate with you. Yeah no it definitely does. I think we're in a situation. Now where we really so much of an and i think this password thing all the time how many times i and i i think people who are listening could do this experiment. How many times a day is the phone. That has never left your hand or your pocket require you to reauthenticate with it. And how how. How stupid is that you just you just purchased something. Why would i want wanted again. You know i just i was. I knew the the phone knows it's me. Yeah i picked up my phone. I unlocked it. I went into the amazon app. Because i'm out of out of some kind of vitamin magnesium or something. I need order. That'll that'll give you the trotz. I need to order a new bottle of magnesium so now i have to go into the app the app. The app is now going to reauthenticate me. Even though i just authenticated by unlocking the phone. And i'm still holding the phone. I haven't there has been no pause in that. I haven't said it down even moved away from it. Nothing i have to authenticate again and then and then to authenticate. I have to launch one password which also hates me so now at three your mask. Yeah unless you're on that beta which kind of we're pretty well used now. You gotta do the masks of you know. Now i will tell you that authenticating with my finger. My face is much easier than typing in a password. As long as those things work but half the time. I have to with the passard. Anyway because it's been too long since the last time. I you've got to get goose and now you're gonna do it again. Goof them up and then another group them up and now you gotta get your fingers on there or if it's like dark in the room or whatever then nope you failed to authenticate your face. Now you have to type in your password again. Even though you've still been holding the phone the whole time it's like that kind of thing is a byproduct but would i rather my find worrisome. Having fun at your. I'm having fun at your expense. Because i think i would rather err on the side of security to me too and if somebody comes in grabs your phone you're logged in. They got the keys to your kingdom for awhile absolutely no. I'm not complaining saying it. We shouldn't do this. I'm saying it's dumb that we have to do it but also there's no other way to do it. There's no other solution as soon as we have screen doors and sometimes we have vaults. We don't need for everything. I don't want to have to do it with vault to take out. Well yeah. I think the take out the recycling. A screen doors fine. It'll be okay. And but how is that germain. Why i think it's super chip germain. You can't afford to make everything vault and you'd be foolish to make everything a screen door or just a happy portico like you. There are different ways. You need to help keep the honest people honest but in the case of large infrastructure projects you have to assume or build for something closer to a vault then screen door in a in a lot of cases. It's just that sometimes. Then maybe we didn't account for how heavy that vault doors. And if there's an unexpected seismic event now you can't open the vault and now you die again. The joker i don't know I'll find. I'm going to try and find some of these podcasts. But it's such an interesting way to think like we're the classic example for me is Back in florida the power or go off constantly. We fairly rarely lose power here for any length of time. But i still do the thing. I've always done. Which is i. Walk into the bathroom to mature. And i hit the hit the switch to turn on the light and believe it or not. The light doesn't turn on because the power's off. Now if you would ask me two seconds. Before i entered the room in which i mix rate is the power off. I would say absolutely the is off. And what's wrong with you. You're goofy. And then i hit the switch because i'm so accustomed to hitting that switch and having the lights turn on that i don't even think about it. It's when something changes that you're forced to realize how habituated you are to a certain way of being one point in early in the pandemic. We finally bought a coat rack but a coat rack. Put it in the hallway as you do and dan for at least a month. I did this several times today because you weren't used to seeing it there and what it looks like the person because it's got the hat on it and he's got shoes. My daughters my daughters goth. You know trench coat that she has now. It really does the person so loses double funny to me because it honestly did. And then i of course i enquired am kid. Wouldn't cop my wife did yes. Of course all the time for weeks. We kept getting freaked out now. If you looked at it dead on you go. of course. that's a coat rack. I'm not an idiot. I did go to a state school. But i'm not stupid understand coat rack. That was funny and then at some point. I didn't even realize this until i realized it was. I had stopped being freaked out by by seeing the corner but then a funny thing happened. Which is a long story short. We gotta roomba and have a lot to share about the wisdom things in life lessons. I've learned from my roomba. One of them is we would move stuff around to try and let them get better idea of the floor plan and you know so i had to move the coat rack two feet to the left and guess what started happening again because reset own mind.

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