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See they are pretty near the bottom they are second last in cap space right now so obviously you can't pay donald anything right now given the fact that you only have four million left to spend okay so obviously they'd have to do a deal where it starts next season rather than this season obviously because you shout the rest of his contract in i'm not really sure what the rams com cap situations looking like next year but chances are i'm sure that they will be paying aaron donald are actually i can i can like sally crap situations like steer so next year two thousand nineteen as far as cap space what it's at right now the rams fifty four mill nearly fifty five encapsulate so yeah they can pay aaron donald all right it's just a matter of if they're going to okay which they should i mean guys the best defensive tackle in the league so feels kind of like a no brainer there no right so we'll see what ends up going down there as far as willie jones i mean who will jones he's already on his i think he's currently on his first big money deal okay and yeah he is and now he wants a little pay bump okay he's making what did i say fourteen mill i think fourteen fourteen point two yearly average salary i guess that might make mike evans making sixteen and a half the andre hopkins sixteen point two landry's making fifteen.

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