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With us. Service of how our brothers out their power and hardware. Thanks, Bill. The Atlanta Falcons have their next head coach. The team reached a contract with former Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith on Friday. It'll be Smith's first head coaching experience. Also, the teams expected to hire New Orleans Saints assistant GM Terry thought no as their next general manager. In college basketball action Over the weekend, Georgia snapped a four game losing streak and got there. First SEC one of the season beating old Miss and Oxford 78 to 74. The dogs were led by 18 points and nine assists from severe Wheeler will host Kentucky on Wednesday. Georgia Tech looking to finally get back on the court this week, they're set to host Clemson on Wednesday. And in the MBA. Yesterday's Ion Williamson had 31 points to leave New Orleans past Sacramento. 1 28 1 23. The Clippers beat the Pacers 1 29 96, Utah beat Denver 1091 of five that despite 35 points and 14 rebounds from the Nuggets, Nikola Yokich and New York beat Boston 105 75. You can find more sports online that access W D you win. I appreciate that, Kale, but you could find your next vehicle. A green Ford right now. You don't have to go to the dealership at the moment. Get up. Log on green ford dot net. That's Greene with an E at the end green ford dot net and what do you gotta pick? What will be your pick of the day you go sport edged escape expedition. Maybe an explorer. Moya was fantastic Pickup trucks F 1 50. Have two fifties three fifties. How about the? How about the fusion hybrid? Very popular vehicle Mustang? The Ranger? Yeah, that newly, you know, we've been talking about the Bronco coming out. But let's not let's not forget the Ranger. They reintroduce the Ranger, and that is a fantastic looking vehicle with some great options and some great to incapability and just a fantastic, redesigned truck. The Rangers always been a popular truck. Hey, that was my son's first vehicle was a Ranger. And love that truck absolutely loved it. But these new ones wow! Super great styling. As I mentioned the Bronco. I read an article on the Bronco last week that said the Bronco there over 300 accessories. That you could have on the Bronco after market that they put together for this thing. It is a good looking vehicle and I guarantee a popular man and people stand line for this thing for it came out so Whatever you're interested in maybe the pre owned vehicle Then you need to take a look at what's going on with Green Ford check in with the good folks there, and they'll make sure that you get what you needed, especially when it comes to financing. They have so many different ways to go If you got credit has been dinged a little bit and who hasn't during this a pandemic? A lot of folks have been having some rough times, but you need transportation. Green. Ford is gonna work with you, and they want you to be comfortable with the financing as well as comfortable behind the wheel. They they feel that those two things don't work together that it's not a good deal, and they don't want you to be in something that you're not going to be comfortable in. They're going to make sure that you get what you need and make sure that you're comfortable what goes on to check him out. Green for dot net or better yet, go by and see him unifying green Ford ready to serve you there on Brown's Bridge Road and of course that love for you to drop by and just have a cup of coffee..

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