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Mannix interviews analysis and everything going on in boxing, and now a man who I wish was called the Boston leader. It's sort of like getting punched in the face Chris Mattis. I. Welcome back to another episode of the SL boxing podcast off this episode got a lot of news to get into got Tyson, fury and deontay wilder three falling apart Fema Lopez pursued Aloma this weekend and I. Continue to harp on my favorite subject that being a middleweight fight between Dimitrius Andrey dramatic charge low are we any closer? Is it at all possible to get that damn fight Dan Rayfield longtime boxing writer with the SPN. Now with boxing scene, Dot Com and ring magazine he joins me to discuss that much more a little bit later on Taffy Molpus Pez himself the hundred and thirty five pound title holder at twenty three years old in. The biggest fight of his career this weekend, a massive showdown against Allama Chanko must see tv but you can catch on ESPN. Taffy. More talks about his preparation for this fight the back and forth he's had with low Michenko at why he thinks that he can upset one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. So great conversation with Molo quick. Housekeeping note as always best way to support this podcast, get over apple podcasts post a comment, leave a rating. It's simple. It's easy. It's free is the very best way to make sure that we keep doing this podcast week after week. That's it. All right onto my conversation with Dan Raphael. Are Dan Rayfield is here, longtime boxing writer for ESPN USA Today. Now working over a boxing scene and ring magazine Dan. Good to see again buddy. Much. The Pot always a friend of the pod multiple appearances here I'm probably meteoroid. You Got I. Deck is up there too between you and Keith addict to prominent leaders. Club. I've been on together a couple of times also. So yes. Yes. That's when you bring the tag team champions for for. That part, I'm glad to hear this week though because there's a lot going on in boxing right now and as there often is but the biggest news news this week Dan was the revelations by Tyson, fury in the athletic, which were subsequently put on social media that he was going to bypass a third fight with wilder..

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