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At 1 802 831 on 1.5. 4 48, New Jersey Fast traffic. We're looking at a big jam right now on reach 78 westbound through union. It's a local lane. Crash right by box. Haul road exit. 51 Lane blocked but local and express lanes or jam back past the Garden State Parkway and keep in mind if you're exiting off the parkway for westbound 78 that will also slow you down. This reporter sponsored by Panera. Panera. Dinner is hot and ready to serve, Bring home Pinera's cheesy flatbread pizzas, toasty sandwiches or creamy mac and cheese with delivery or pickup availability and pricing may very now. Also in the Garden State Parkway, lot of heavy North bound volume heading out a union County 1 42 running all the way up to the Bloomfield tolls and South bound side. Stay slow into Clark. And further south. We've gotten slow from brick down towards Toms River around Lakewood and hell Township right. Nine on the slow side, Then again, through parts of an elephant, an old bridge and on route 18. There is a south bound, crashed by Morris have watch out one lane blocked also in Linden. Now on route 27. It's a south bound, wrecked by white Chief Street. And we've still got a 20 minute delay to leave New Jersey. Upper deck Gwb 5 to 10. Minutes later, Lower level hand about 15 minutes or so for the Holland Lincoln Jeff from New Jersey Traffic North Kristina Staff. Oh New Jersey Traffic South. So leaving the state with the Walt Whitman. We did have an accident mid span. It's cleared away, but really slow moving right now. Also, we're looking at a lot of slow moving car 6 76 south on your approach into the bridge. 42 south bound also into Creek roads congested It was route 1 30 North bound, moving past Haddon Avenue, and we're also seeing a lot of slow moving cars on 55 north. Moving into route 42 3 22 east out through Paul's Burrow, Swedes Barrow Road, No incident here. Just a lot of slow moving cars, traffic every 15 minutes and next, reports at 503 from the All American Auto Group Traffic Desk in New Jersey when at 1.5. New Jersey, one of 1.5 instant weather to storm systems, two chances of rain this weekend and the first one coming in tonight. This one is a very slow mover, but it's not a huge soaker. It's not going to dump buckets and buckets.

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