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He then call out the fans the old lady hates him. He's a children will stay this front in the future. He said two thousand eighteen with see the sports entertainer of the year. And then out came Alastair black Alastair talks about absolving Johnny Gargano of his sins sins that the puppet master muscle put on him. Like, I said, he sees the Richardson, and he said that he was going to invoke his rematch clause and then out king. Johnny gargano. He said thank you for having me of my sins. He said it's not over until he says is over and moss was the background all giddy. He says he loves gyrus stays in the back brings out Johnny Bennis Tomasz stirs, the pot even more he said he thinks black. Greg should have been the ones in wargames set. So you know, that's what they should do. He thinks they should be inside the steel cage the finish, right? And John is like, yeah. Sure. Let's do let's have the match. Let's have the match. So now set up Alastair black Johnny Gargano in a cage. There's a little bit of brawl, but void the buck Macedonia. Gyger I loved everything here. All this was great all I loved this segment. I loved everything about this segment. Tomasz oh main the piper and just leading Johnny down that primrose path to do going. Yeah. He's totally dude. Still check cage challenge. Johnny challenge them to steel cage match and Johnny. Does it Candice? Cain. Come get your husband. He's doing something stupid. But yeah, this is. Great. This was loved everything about this the Johnny bad s chant perfect. I mean. Yeah. This was just yes. All the s looking forward to the the cage match kids should be really good. It should be really fun. That's an XT that's annex teen. So I say we take our second break of the evening and women come back. Finally gets talk about it. Season seven of fortnight. It's here y'all it drop today. We're going to feel you in we've gone into the game. We've checked it out we've explored everything. So we're going to tell you all the news stuff. And how awesome it is? So you'll see in the rack right here on wall talk radio dot com, and we'll be right back. Hey, you wanna get social with Iraq pulse? On Twitter, Twitter dot com slash radio show..

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