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Listeners out there how often should they be meeting with their investment professional is it monthly quarterly annually what what would you suggest i think if you're doing some good planning you need to have a real all the cards on the table sit down hunker down meeting at least once a year with your your spouse in your advisory catalan laying out the game plan ocurr again a good process what you're going to do and then obviously first weeks throughout the year the need to make him the should be in touch with your adviser okay and if someone's new to at an earlier on meeting up quarterly is not a bad idea either not a bad deal and i think on this first if you're just getting started its wise to have two three or four five meetings just to kind of say here's where we are here some questions here some bizarre tales think about something talked about the horizon additional things a what needs clarity on communication is good and this is important so i think it's been some time especially in those early days getting to ways as critical okay and just for people out there listening it's a matter of understanding kind of where you are an understanding your options so you can take those steps and do the things you need to do i jeff let's go to question over to this went says i change jobs and my different retirement plan options have left me with both a traditional ira and a roth ira at which baby step is it appropriate to perform the conversion in keeping in mind taxes paid will delay whatever babies step i'm on so the bottom on is helped me understand when is the right time to convert pretax ira money into post tax ira money is your new link this one of the things i want to dive in on his this whenever you start to talk about conversion reid this is an opportunity for for you to be able to go ahead and pay taxes now to be able to convert it to a roth which whenever you hear roth my listeners low you're talking about tax regrows absorbs a couple of things about my mind here for this scenario.

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