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Murder, Citigroup, Citicorp Citigroup discussed on Thom Hartmann


Quarterback tom hartley to here with you so this from the herald scotland back in two thousand eight it has been twelve years since france buried its last but one president francois methanol at a funeral attended not only by his wife but his former mistress and their daughter right it's a lax lofty axiom of french opinion that the nation's attitude to sexual peccadilloes is more tolerant and less prurient than that reflected in the drooling anglosaxon media across the channel and that their journalists and broadcasters have more important matters on their minds so what's the situation there while i was going to mention trump in the bank and then pick up your phone calls here the headlined by david sirotta in the international business times ib times dot com trump administration waves president a punishment for convicted banks including deutsche bank which trump does millions davis wrote a rights dheisheh bank has been fined for its role in the russia in a russia money laundering schedule or scheme excuse me the waivers were issue and they and they and they issued a wave her saying well you don't have to pay the penalty you don't have you know we're we're going to let you get away with it the waivers were issued in a little notice a little noticed announcement published in the federal register during the christmas holiday week they come less than two years after canada then candidate trump promised i'm not going to let wall street get away with murder in late 2016 davis wrote a rights the obama administration extended temporary one year waivers to five banks citicorp citigroup jp morgan barklays ubs and deutsche bank last late last month the trump administration issued new longer waivers for those same banks granting citigroup jp morgan barklays barclays fiveyear exemptions ubs enjoys eubank's received three year exemptions trump does the german bank at least one hundred and thirty million dollars in loans according the president's most recent financial disclosure form sources.

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