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And mom said I know certainly in our household. Great job. You make it a little more special. All right, let's get to inbounds out about here we go. Here we go. Anything can happen in sports and often does what's right. What's wrong and who's just crazy. We decide inbounds and out of bounds now with Tiki and tiered. Sam, wait, what I say he said, Uh, I don't know what those shades are doing on. Well, you know what they are. It's too early isn't getting ready, bro. Making sure they still fit. It's been a year I wear my sunglasses and my so what? Can Who sings that song, Corey some, Corey. What Now, Corey Seager, not Davis scored. Corey Davis. Corey, Don't forget the last name. Corey Hart. There you go. You go speaking with I'm surprised you haven't commented on my mark Sanchez wears for TV. Okay, I'm gonna make funny on TV. So the whole world that's coming Well, a team that doesn't have to worry about Mark Sanchez is the Baltimore Ravens, and they obviously suffered some terrible injuries this offseason, losing Marcus Peters tune a CL and seeing their three top running back. All go down for the season in a span of two week. Well now, Baltimore has added two time all pro Levian Bell two time pro bowler Devonta Freeman and just picked up former ST Latavius Murray. Who was a surprise cut on Tuesday in New Orleans for not restructuring his contact. You cut So in or out. You do believe the Ravens would be just as good with these three veteran backs as they would have been with their now injured younger back. You know, I got to tell you because Murray is now part of that trio. The answer is in bounds here if it was just Levian Bell. And it was just Devante Freeman and you know some other guy off the street that nobody really knew, But it was a body was depth. I would say now there will be a drop off. And quite frankly, there might even be an appreciable drop off Latavius Murray could play. Let's Davies Murray is a good player. Uh and I'm curious to see what Latavius Murray is when you have the threat that Lamar Jackson is running the football. He's never had that nobody has only one Lamar Jackson so Inbounds. I think running will still be the strength of this team. Mark Andrews in the Red Zone. They've got to get some of those young receivers run down more. Some of those Some of those guys banked up. It's been a horrendous summer now into the early part of fall for the Baltimore Ravens, But I do think that this is a very savvy recovery by an outstanding organization. But Murray's the one that tips this in the favorable column he could play in bounce. Are you in? Or are you out? Well, the big 12 meeting official yesterday announcing they have accepted the applications for BYU. Houston You CF in Cincinnati to join the remaining eight teams once Texas and Oklahoma lead Now. There were plenty of other options on the table for the conference, including teams like Boise State, Coastal Carolina Army, Navy, Liberty, San Diego State S M U South Florida and Memphis. And to be on this is actually talked. The big 12 might be looking to expand past 12 teams. Okay, And some of these teams are still in the middle. Big 28 big 28 so inbound data bounds until they do add more teams. The big 12 did select the best four teams to join their conference. I really like the inclusion of BYU. That's that's a brand that will Will resonate and making some money. I do like the addition of Cincinnati. I like the addition of central Florida. Don't love it as much as the other two. Okay with the addition of Houston don't like it nearly as much as the other two. And I even like you. CF better than Houston. You know, I think First of all, coastal Carolina to me is very interesting. As his liberty by the way, liberties quarterback might be the first quarterback off the board in the NFL draft. In case anybody missed that, you know, we keep talking about rattler and howl from U. N. C. Look at the kid from Liberty, and that's a program that's been pretty good with freeze and even before that, by the way, but Coastal needs to be somewhere south. I I They're not going to be in the A C C anytime soon, so that doesn't seem incredibly viable, but Carolina to me with the growth of the Grand Strand. I was great. When game day was out there a year ago. That was pretty wild when BYU went there, So I think Costa would have been interesting. I also listen, Army I mean, you have a chance to add an arm cert like an academy. So your portfolio and everything that comes with it. The respect the immediate cash A I would have gone for Army who, by the way is good and by the way, might make an appearance on shore opportunity a little later, just saying Stay out of bounds. I I think it's good. I think they could have done better. Are you in? Or are you out? Put some money on army may be showing up in sharp Tierney. I'll tell you I have a premonition. I feel like it might actually happen. It might and I have ridden the Black Knights of the Hudson Valley to victory. Not all the time, but if I've taken them 10 times, maybe more over the last bunch of years. Probably 73. Maybe 811 usually win with army. That's karma. That's right. The Boston Red Sox are in the midst of a troubling covid outbreak, so maybe not good karma there with nine people in the organization testing positive and the 11 others. Sitting out with other symptoms or close contact. Chris Sale actually just tested positive today as well. This week, outfielder Hunter Renfroe made quite the damaging claim about mobs approach. To their situation on W E I in Boston.

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