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Wisconsin's afternoon news Scott in for John with Melissa Brian Debbie, and Nick, and we go live to lake winnebago where he is Tony bedrock. Celebrating the beginning of sturgeon spearing season. Hey, tone. Hey, guys. How's it going good? What are you seeing out there? You seeing a lot of people fishing a lot of very much looking out at guys like when a bagel just sprinkled with Shanti is really cool site. Some of them are coming in off of the lake right now, I'm at once on the lake which is right on the county line between winnebago county and county very hot spot, especially to start off the sturgeon spearing season people bring in their prized fish right now, I can see six of them hanging. The biggest one ninety six Pounder our guy spirited a little bit earlier today. But so far in the season a little bit of a slow start from what I hear. But the biggest one that they brought him a record breaker one hundred seventy one pounds this year. But a little bit of a slow start. The DNR does expect it to go the full. Sixteen day season. And this really is a fun thing for people that are out there even for spectators to you're not fishing. But you're looking at these prehistoric fish? They look pretty cool. Right. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, they look like the dinosaur. Did you? And it is it is really a family tradition. I was talking with the co owner of the lake Sean went he was telling me he does it with his kid. He's been doing it for generations. And just kind of the camaraderie being out on the ice in the shanty. And you're really just looking into a whole waiting for that split second. When the fish comes by that you really gotta pounds quickly. Tony bedrock live on lake winnebago bring back a few fish stories for. All right. Thanks for that is four fourteen. We'll check in with Brian de get you some sports headlines next. I'm WTMJ chronic pain conditions will.

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