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Uh i had never heard that so i i you know if that's the jake says then you know maybe maybe a dead by never heard that from vince and never heard that s uh that scenario i know that the the one thing on the russell mania match was a jake called an audible and add the tombstone be done on the outside of the rain which yacht omollo undertaker invents took too kindly to but undertaker was young and not in the position that he's obviously in now and did what the veteran call at what do you remember about the way jake winds up leaving if you hadn't heard this story about being promised to riders position wanted you think jake left here a money an just not being you know not be happy where he was but i i had heard that he was going to make more money and that he had been promised the booking position had wc w l should mention that that jake was supposed to be going the dovey cw and becoming a member of the riding theme and dumb of course in the middle of all this he has to wait ninety days for his wbf contract to expire and before that happens and he can officially joined wc w mill watts is hired a wc w and he tears objects jakes contract in front of jakes face and laughs at him because he thinks there's no way he's pain in that amount of money and of course bill watts was brought in probably get costs under control so there's no chance he's given him a huge contract so jake winds of debut and wnew by attacking staying and feuds with him but it's kind of a relatively short run.

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