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Time five eighteen and we have sixty three degrees now in boston looking for sunny start and then clouds moving in this afternoon high temperatures around eighty and good morning i'm deb lawler top stories now trump administration officials say they have not yet figured out how to reunite the thousands of children separated from their families at the mexican border the influx of child immigrants has prompted authorities to open at least three tender age shelters in south texas the tsa begins enforcing new rules today on the amount of powder allowed and carry on bags passengers are urged to pack larger containers and checked luggage and removed smaller containers from carry on bags for separate screening and general electric will be dropped from the dow jones industrial average next week ending the company's more than one hundred year run in the blue chip index it's slot will go to drugstore chain walgreens in other news several residents randolph woke up yesterday to find their cars vandalized with hateful marks at least one car had six six six spray painted on it another had a swastika some tires were slashed in all some twenty cars were damaged and resident hattie smith tells wbz tv she's not happy i was upset i'm still upset because i have to go through this whole process of trying to get this all taken care of it's annoying police believe the cars were chosen at random a gloucester fisherman is injured after being struck by cable while setting a lobster trap firefighters boarded coastguard vessel to rescue the victim offshore the man suffered a leg injury and was transported to a local hospital his injuries are not believed to be lifethreatening some middle school students in ashland get a glimpse of the past courtesy of a locker wbz's bernice corpuz reports the locker was opened yesterday decades after it had been turned into a time capsule students these days are familiar with internet slang like tbt for throwback thursday and fbi for flashback fridays but students at david mendez school got a different kind of throwback locker number one thirty it revealed what life was like before the internet became a common part of everyday life it was remarkable how much even twenty five years how much has changed on thorpe turns the locker into a time capsule of the year nineteen ninety three when he was a student there that we had in the time capsule was jc penney's catalog current students that been does middle school who are you know twelve years old are watching this and encourage me that they've never even seen a catalog or locker also contain copies of sports illustrated comic books and newspapers bernice corpuz wbz newsradio ten thirty starting this september residents of new york city we'll see a change in policy for those caught smoking marijuana in public cbs's marcia kramer reports this is bill de blasio the man who once told me he only smoked marijuana once or twice when i was nyu but what about now some days i wish i did now wants to go easy on those caught smoking in public ordering the nypd to issue criminal summonses instead of arresting people next year we think at least ten thousand fewer new yorkers will be arrested the mayor insisted it would start to end racial disparities whereas many as eighty six percent of marijuana arrests are people of color some steps have already been taken to relax the city's approach manhattan's district attorney says he will no longer prosecute marijuana possession and spoken cases beginning in august canada becomes a second country in the world to make marijuana legal nationwide senate gay final passage yesterday to the government's bill to legalize recreational cannabis prime minister justin trudeau had hoped to make pot legal by july first but provincial and territorial governments will need eight to twelve weeks to publish regulations here in the us nine states including massachusetts and the district of columbia now allow for recreational marijuana use thirty allow it for medical use mandalay bay almost becomes a notion after a broken water main flawed salah's vegas hotels convention center about a thousand people on the second floor of the luxury resort had to be relocated officials in vegas say there was no structural damage to the building and no injuries reported critical weather alert to report caused damage across the region thousands left without power you don't like the weather in new england streets we in power just wait a minute for nato warning in massachusetts a weather watch think strikes caused fires at homes ever stop traffic and weather together wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time five twenty three traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the threes good morning chris culkeen they debuted morning.

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