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In New York. Thank you all. You're making me feel so at home from my first qualifying match. All the way to the final. I've loved playing in front of you in Cleveland baseball game between the Indians and one of the last of their games. With that nickname and the visiting Milwaukee Brewers. The one to swing and a Miss Carla is blocks corrosive First. Peterson touches the bag ballgame over. It's a combined no hitter for the Milwaukee Brewers starter Corbyn Burns and reliever Jobs hater. The call by Jeff Lettering on WTMJ. Overseas. Pope Francis heading for Central Europe for a very short visit to Hungary, which has the kind of any immigration government frequently criticizes. This is CBS News. Traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes three minutes after one o'clock right now and downtown. Well, we've got that work going on in the Prudential Tunnel eastbound side of the mass Pike. That's causing a little bit of a delay. But not not a big one. Traveling right now. Inbound on steroid drive, Just the shortest of snags Right at Leverett Circle Expressway North and South Bong Braintree to Boston looks pretty darn good right now. After the north, No major issues, read 95 from PVT. Right on up towards the right on up towards the Salisbury area. No major issues. They're traveling out in the central mass area. A little bit of work going on on route to 90 westbound in Shrewsbury carry a delay there, Nor is there too much you would delay right? Now on route to 95. At right at the ramp to route 95 north in the Apple Borough area crash. They're slowing things down just of just it was just the shortest amount, and we do have that work going on route 1 46 North Bong.

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