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That's why 7 news is on your side. With traffic and weather together, always within 7 minutes. Only on 7 news from four 30 to 7 a.m.. WTO at 9 28. Strapping a mother on the 8th, let's check things out with Jack Taylor. Still a little bit of a slowdown, Virginia, leaving Fredericksburg getting out of falmouth, there was a crash up before 6 ten that got moved over safely onto the shoulder just a little bit of a residual delay there. Heavy again, up in woodbridge, then you're fine into Springfield. There was reports of a wreck on the inner loop just outside the Springfield interchange toward the Robinson terminal. It had been reported along the right side. It remains heavy up toward Braddock road in two 36, then again, passing the toll road, keeping an eye out if we've got work, up near Georgetown pike. It's setting up on the outer loop of the belly, and that's along the left side of the roadway. That will cause the delay that leaves Maryland as it does as you approach river road across the bridge. Now you will find two 34, dumfries road south, near Exeter drive. Last heard the crash had a left lane getting by. Late delays, going into the district off both D.C. two 95 south and I two 95 going north, the wreck on the inbound 11th street bridge near M street, just be careful to report it in the center of the roadway. In southeast Pennsylvania avenue in your branch avenue a crash, there was a bus record earlier westbound eastern avenue near kenilworth avenue last heard it was along the right side of the roadway. Now you will find in Maryland, our beltway is trying to clear out at least south of town. You're looking better now coming in from two ten on the inter loop toward Virginia. Topside out of loop does remain heavy, New Hampshire river toward university boulevard, then after all Georgetown rode into the big curve again, riding slowly toward Virginia, where the work sounds down near Georgetown pike along the left side. Two 70 almost cleared out, your good coming out of Frederick, there is a delay in clarksburg, headed down toward father Hurley boulevard. Jack Taylor, WTO P traffic. The forecast now with chuck bell. Sonny's guys from start to finish on your hump day afternoon highs will reach the 60° Mark today, and we'll be in the mid to upper 60s tomorrow with clouds moving in. In fact, some areas could get close to 70 tomorrow, and then heavy rain is likely on Friday. Make sure your storm drains are cleaned out

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