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Hey, it's Vinnie Penn coming at you with another party, animal installment on animal radio. Well, we did it for those of you who listened to these segments of mine here, told you a ways back that my 5 year old daughter Stella. She's ready for a pet. She was right, we looked at a lot of different pets. I wanted to start her off with the fish. I was a matter of fact. She actually had already she's had a turtle and a frog. But they've since moved on, and it was time to get her another. I wanted to start her with a fish. I think that's the good starting point for any four, 5, 6 year old. We went to the pet store and we picked out just the most beautiful pink fish, Stella picked her out herself, picked out a great one. We got the nice little aquarium and she dressed it up and decorated it really nicely. We went down to the beach earlier that morning, she picked out a beautiful rock to put in the tank. We were all set up. She looks at the fish. And it's called a beta fish. If I'm pronouncing that correctly, BE, TTA. So it's not essentially a goldfish. I don't know. This was kind of a new terrain for me, even though I had goldfish when I was a kid. I think they were goldfish. I had two, cheech and Chong. But this is called a better fish, beta fish. Nonetheless, Stella looks at her and says I want to call her Magnolia. And it was really a moving moment. I looked at my daughter and I thought that name is fantastic. We can call her Maggie for short, and she smiled, she thought that was a great idea. We got in the car with the little carrying case. For the fish and Stella stared out of the whole way home I was saying, I love you Magnolia. I love you Magnolia. We got home. Transferred her into her new home, dressed it up and Stella was look iron said she's so beautiful. Daddy thank you so much for buying me dandelion. And I said, dandelion. What happened to Magnolia? She said no, I changed her name. I want to call her dandelion. And I said, oh, all right. You know, the dandy for sure. That kinda works. Go with that. Dandelion it is. Not too long afterwards. One of my acts comes over. First thing Stella wants to do is take her to see the fish she says, you gotta come with me. You gotta come and see my fish. She runs over to see the fish, and I hear my aunt, who's 91 years old, say, hey, that looks just like Nemo. Magnolia, who had become dandelion, had now become Nemo. So I have to sit still down and say, still, look, we can't keep changing the name. It would be like all of a sudden today, if I just started calling you Sarah, to which stellar applies, I like that name Sara, I go to school with the Sarah. I want to name the fish Sarah. This point, I'm a little bit out of my mind. I'm confused. I don't know which way is up. I don't know if is it a girl. I always heard girls were fickle, but this was bringing it to new heights. Suffice it to say that this morning, as I'm leaving to come and cut these segments, I say to Stella, I'm going to go and talk about Sarah the fish today. And she said, what kind of fish is it anyway? I heard you telling someone that it wasn't really a goldfish. I said, well, daddy's learning as it goes. Same as you. I think it's called a beta fish or a bed of fish and.

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