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Modern is doses spoiled by a freezer problem in the Veterans Administration. We get the latest now from WBC's James RoHaas. He joins us live. Good morning, James. Good morning, So this is all under investigation, but it appears that this is all was is being treated as an accident. A spokesman for the V. A Boston healthcare system, says the 1900 motor no vaccine doses that were compromised after a contract cleaner accidentally loosen the plug to the freezer that was storing them again. This is under investigation. That mistake discovered by via Boston pharmacy staff. The freezer was in a secure location and had an alarm system. But that alarm apparently didn't work. That's also under into under investigation as to why replacement doses are said to be on their way. In Jamaica plain, James RoHaas WBZ Boston's news radio, a state surrounded for fans in Massachusetts, sports betting is still not allowed. And much of the rest of the region. It is or is about to become legal. And now nobody, B C's Chris Mama tells us a state senator is taking another crack to sports sports betting on the books. Legislation was filed by Senator Brendan Crichton, who is well aware this type of gambling already takes place in the Commonwealth. Many folks already picking up their phones in betting or traveling over the state lines and betting which in these times we look at a very uncertain FY 2022, as well as a likely in a number of years of recovery. Letting this revenue go down the drain into the black market and bordering states just doesn't make any sense. So he's proposed responsible Gaming available, adds pretty mortar casinos as well. The swamp our horse racing tracks as well, a simulcast facilities and also for mobile applications, Because, as he sees it, this would just make it okay for and you'd be putting money back into the state. They could really help me some pain of our constituents. Chris Mama WBZ. Austin's news radio. Six away to record setting week on Wall Street looks to be headed in the wrong direction this morning. Let's check in with Bloomberg Business now and Tom Busby. Good Morning, Tom. Hey, Good morning. Jeff is shaping up to be a rough one. Today on Wall Street. Dow futures down down to 143 points that's on jitters about a worldwide spike in new coronavirus cases and new restrictions. Housing market has been a real bright spot throughout the whole pandemic, and later this morning, we get existing home sales for December. It's usually quiet month in real estate. Not this year, though, and another setback for the social messaging site parlor popular.

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