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As we continue with Rick Baker former mayor Saint Petersburg pretty amazing story how we turned a ten city into a thriving city maybe state maybe cities like San Francisco Los Angeles Chicago New York Detroit Baltimore could learn a thing or two hello over the years many many times I've run into people you know asking for money or asking for a Santa all the nine times out of ten if I have the time you know even a few seconds all does go into a store and say here's twenty Bucks you know give this guy whatever he wants to eat I don't like to give money because you wonder where that money's going is going to go for booze or drugs are not helping the person and I've done it but I prefer to hand it off to somebody is going to let them them by food so they can eat and take care of themselves but what I usually see is addiction or melt the mental illness that's what I see it's not that hard to Europe there's a there's various reasons of course what mental this is been a some sort of addiction is big but they're all just come down on their luck you know when when we went into the recession these are a lot of folks that were in the construction industry especially on the island going into a telescope which is the name of our center that we build and I would go down I would sit down and talk with folks and I'm a jungle construction workers which is rare just when they they just had one too many bills are just in case they look they lost her paycheck and they just they just couldn't quite make it so they just needed help there's a lot of folks like a few shows whatever it is you have to you have to address the people of the RP a mental illness you have to have services of for the mental mental health services that can help them try to get as independent as possible if they have addictions are you're not going to get anywhere to get him off the objection so you have to have services that help people get off the officials will all that needs to be done it's not a simple thing if you and you have to address the individuals as you're bringing them out but you you're never going to do that well they're sitting on the street whether she was sleeping on the sidewalk and and and and urinated on somebody's business so you're never going to fix up for that if you can get them stabilized with the server then then then you can then you can start the effort okay triage what's what's what's the issue with this particular person work and we send them and and it's you know not not really well nobody is almost anywhere right they were but you have to try to manage it and and and and work towards getting people in the then for you Mister mayor Rick Baker is now at the Manhattan Manhattan institute is a J. adjunct fellow and former mayor of Saint Petersburg great story you know I there's a way to do this not that complicated and anyway when we come back it was like a mental break down all over fake news see a man and a and H. B. O. and bill Maher I just a media meltdown all weekend long and will play the worst of the worst is getting sicker by the second as we've been.

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