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Thirteen years old that's a baby to me and a baby killing another baby I know she's a team it's unheard of but it is heard off and and and it happens and every time we have a school shooting or stabbing and I understand it when you look at the statistics it is a rare occurrence but to me one is too many everybody will comment on that kid going no well I don't think it was the you don't look normal or even quieter is kind of weird you would think that if you are the parents or the teacher where the coach okay colored jeans of somebody who was a murderous there would be some red flag and we need these red flags because we're trying to figure out of the next couple is going to be I think that somebody could be in your kids middle school fantasizing about killing James Holmes who did the work Colorado shooting I think that was universe of Colorado which university he was a college is that he fantasizes about killing people okay remember where animals in Egypt and the shock of all my gosh somebody fantasize about killing people I wouldn't be surprised if there's a lot more out there there's people to fantasize about sex I fantasize about eating in my dreams I'm eating I during my breaks I think about ET for some reason I just love that his eyes about eating you bet that there's people fantasizing about death work Kelly now.

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