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Minutes past KOA, NewsRadio time, six thirty. Our top story in Colorado's morning news. Cdot wants to look at riding the rails between Pueblo and Fort Collins and leads our news next first now. We get a little traffic and weather. We check in and see our doing on those roads we check in he's hovering above in that KOA jet copter. John, where are you at the moment right now broader forty four tonight twenty-five you'll good up here on the north side. He got that ever construction project on I twenty five but Mr. with your whole lot better fact till you get down to about one hundred fourth traffic is different right long, it'll clog up there at you're pretty heavy all the way into downtown. We've got a crash northbound I twenty five at large birds in the gap project, south of Castle Rock looks like the wrecked cars have been moved out of your way. Now couple of courtesy patrol, still sitting there, once they clear, everything will be good. But David stuck in the back of his goal back to Greenland. That's an extra slow drive on. On northbound I twenty five coming up through the gap project, heady pass large and into Castle Rock. Your drive up in the foothills, you could see a few flakes sto this morning reported arou- Bailey. A two eighty five is primarily just wet. Specially route conifer up in the mountains. You've got shea laws attraction laws that I seventy over Vail path this morning. So winter still live that part of the country but you drive around here, this look pretty good. You got bright sun in your face. At some places, basically from nor I say downtown north show up on the north side, you're going to see Sunday, your face down the south side, still pretty cloudy. That's helping to drive out C four seventy. This report is sponsored by whispering pied southeast awards. Best kept secret for new hope joined the grand opening of the outlook communities that are whispery southeast rose. Beth kept secret for dual starting to the four hundred tour the bottles of registered with a getaway to devil stub ranch. Stop by Saturday June. First three, go to live to the by CO dot com. Next update six forty KOA, NewsRadio Colorado's news, traffic, and weather station. Hey, good Wednesday, warning today still more clouds than sunshine. But at least it won't be overcast all day, high, fifty nine thirty percent chance for few thunder showers this afternoon that chance continues into this evening. We'll fought a forty two tonight, which is definitely cooler than usual at night this year, and we're going to remain below normal tomorrow, but it won't be as cools today, highs close to seventy tomorrow. And then on Friday back up to where we should be for the end of may high seventy seven with sunshine and then the first weekend in June. Looks really nice sunshine, highs near eighty Saturday and Sunday from CBS four mastodon, Terry on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM right now about forty one degrees and some clouds this morning. Now on Colorado's morning news. The Colorado department transportation's ready to study, whether it might be feasible to create a passenger rail system from Pueblo to Fort Collins seat on announcing that it will work with the southwest chief and passenger rail commission to hire a firm to study the idea this study.

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