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I really dislike northstar in alpha flight up to this point. He's very he's very much quicksilver but even lesson yeah and i think he's. He's very hard character for meat. Unlike and i think there's been a lot of work in the last decade where i'm like. Oh i actually. I'm actually really interested in this character. Like a lot. More than quicksilver at this point which i would not said circa nineteen ninety two i i liked. I always liked his relationship with his sister But that is the best thing about him right. So yeah agreed okay. So this is a a patriotic backer. Demand from dustin dust in the slack. He's a excellent excellent slack member. He's a we're going to be hearing him. On one of the bonus listener episodes. He's bringing some Actually speaking of one piece we're going to be reading some like Ichiro ota and not positive. I got his first name right like before one piece some of his comics from before one piece so go check out Me talking to dustin on one of our bonus listener episodes but he brought today excalibur over fifty. And i read this today. And i immediately went to the slack and tagged dustin and said dustin. What'd you do. What'd you do a dozen because Not sure why this comic he's answer is that it is the culminating where before you tell me. Tell me let me guess. Let me go His answer was because this perfectly summarizes every everything you that out excalibur is about for fifty issues is perfectly summarized in this giant sized spectacular. That was his aunt. Zinser was that it culminates there like it is the culmination of the last twenty five issues. Because we haven't read anything since twenty five in this kind of like rows up. This story are right in this end of an era before. I don't know validate us leaves or not But he was saying like this is kind of he wanted to put. He basically was trying to like revise. Your listeners. being like i wanted to put a bow on on excalibur on dan excalibur. Yeah i likely like alan davis's energy. I like his designs. I liked the fund that he's having with excalibur. I'm just not in on it. You know it's it's very much aware especially like we were so far. Yellen davis does a couple more shoes against the at this point..

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