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Forecast and CBS to meteorologist Evelyn tap can extend seventy newsradio fifty nine in Culver city sixty degrees seal beach fifty nine in corona it's five forty seven would you eat healthier if labels told you how much exercise you needed to burn off the calories in the food youre about to eat it's called physical activity calorie equivalent labeling and there's new research suggesting these labels might be especially effective at promoting healthy you're eating doctor Lee is D. as key role is with Kaiser Permanente a having more information on that could potentially be helpful for the individual to take better decisions it's something interesting under the system proposed by U. K. researchers the label of a small chocolate bar for instance would tell you that it would take twenty three minutes of running or forty six minutes walking to burn off the two hundred and thirty calories it contains chew on that for a moment Chris Seton's can extend seventy newsradio Palo alto is considering fines for teens who vapor in public this comes after the city became the latest in the states to ban the sale of vaping products in brick and mortar stores city councilman mark Tanaka cells taken X. right now there's no real consequences for students who were caught sleeping that's fine have interesting effect which is that you know to find large enough like this is on a twenty dollar fine which lost his point how long has caused in spite how twenty dollars to pay something like that but it is a fine large enough that a student would have to probably get the pencil pay for it what happens is it it brings parental awareness as well is is there still studying the possibility of implementing finds including how they've been forced out much they would be there's a report expected next year tis the season for the flu this year it's early just in time for the holidays it's a gift no one wants activity is widespread in California at this time we are seeing an elevated levels of influenza activity and most of the state doctor Aaron Murray is an epidemiologist with the state of California she says there's three strayed's going around this year and they've killed sixteen people in California so if you think you have the flu go.

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