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For the black hole to quiet down a little bit here's Jacobs behind over the top. leave your. first round draft choice. yeah he had a call about the way how about the way the black hole was serenading A. B. last night do you hear some of that so I did not hear that I mean the ASP and Mike's man caught some stuff that was probably you know what is cable it's okay they're all Yellin FHB basically is with around I'm sure they were it was like old school reader black hole just kind of like people losing their minds you know as a friend of mine sent me this morning these are the fans that are all about the sushi yeah right these are the fans of the the the like nuts and bolts of wanted NFL fans looks like it sounds like Michael shank in the parking lot. twenty four sixteen the final score the raiders win Jacobs had died couple a touchdown runs on the night there a car through for another and two hundred fifty nine yards Jon Gruden story finally done with Antonio brown I'm never gonna bring it up again yeah that incident whatever you call it had nothing to do with with our team's focus your preparation that's it end of story sorry and Jerry was that's just stupid it's could Jim in Wayne was going on Jim. radio will call and have some kind of poll about the. without a doubt there's no that should say at CMB WFAN sure they sign him strong should be not sign in so yes no Sir we're going third choice today mags maybe yes no maybe CMB WFAN you could stream us on watch CMB dot com. where I sit and and. scared of what parts about the say you can watch my face drop to the ground when he starts talking about different forms of ****. because that's what he did the other day scared the hell out of me giant member. anyway Gruden was saying well I well we played around the outside of the raiders when I seen speed the Texans thirty to twenty eight of fifty eight yard field goal from well lots as time expires here was let's see expected a field goal try field goal tribes coming after Houston took lay in the final minute you know when you have jurors your quarterback all I cared about was getting ready for the K. because I knew with thirty seven seconds left there's gonna be a chance of getting kicked in and there certainly was in the bank did through here's JJ watt brutal loss because it's our fault for our office to give us lead with whatever was forty seconds left Clinton win that game. that's. about football bustling defense and so we will take a one hundred percent of that plane as you should and the loss to Sean Watson to sixty eight three touchdowns including that touched only mention to Kenny stills with thirty seven seconds to go of local flavor if you well here's jets head coach Adam gase all about the kicking game. for the current kicking situation. why. yeah..

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