Russia, Barack Obama, Wiener discussed on Thom Hartmann


Contacts with russia going back to 2013 ten same with george pompidou models sorry which is which shift said the things that the obama did make this look more damning that it is an ongoing to be honest i'm looking at it with a jaundiced eye on the other hand i notice that when democrats do something wrong i'm the first one to say get them out i'm gone wiener did what he did if he's got to go and you and i said it almost slower than nancy pelosi did go yeah no democrats on our are generally quite good at at you know keeping the house clean as it were but but this this thing this is this is either one or two things is going to happen either fox news and right wing hey ray lydia the whole right wing echo chamber drudge and whatnot either in fact or the interesting a drug drudges headline is right now down either they won't be successful here it is the headline is disgrace and uh trump attacks integrity of fbi and justice department politicized probing favoring downs lotta people should be as ashamed us spy warrant relied on dossier that's that's what's at the top of drudge so any lear they will be successful in in blowing up this investigation number one or number two what i think is their secondary goal they will be successful in putting so much doubt into this thing that republicans will start saying in in november this is all about november keep in mind this is all about being jerian control the house and senate that innovate because i you know and and secondarily protecting the president that that republican voters will say well you know the the dossier was crazy and the the fis where it was crazy and i'm just you know i'll i'll continue vote republican because you know obviously the democrats and the fbi are out to get them and it and they can just a mile right and if they could just pull that off i mean they don't even need.

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