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Universal. They lost somebody that they genuinely loved. And water appears to just be a senseless act that did not have to occur. The State patrol is investigating the crash. The weather will continue to be unseasonably warm for the next couple of days. High temperatures on Tuesday going to hit 70 degrees. We'll see some shine dry conditions still support air quality was smoke in the atmosphere. From Colorado's wildfires not much much help from Mother Nature heading into Wednesday, when so size will hit 76 more sunshine and dry conditions. Box 31 meteorologist Jessica Labelle says a Cold front will move in later Thursday with Friday's high only 40 degrees. The debate commission is making sure President Trump and Joe Biden get two minutes of uninterrupted time. They announced that they will mute the microphone of the other person talking so that there aren't any interruptions during the opening remarks for each segment. Microphones will not be muted during the open debate segments of the event. The first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden was notable for the constant interruptions will have live coverage of the debate Thursday night, beginning at six with Michael Brown. The debate will begin at seven. Our next update at 9 30. I'm Chad Bauer on K Away News, radio 8 50 AM and 90 for one. FM. Your evening is pretty full right Well, say hello to New Nature Valley Pack sustained energy bars with hardworking ingredients You can feel good about you'll be able to carry on breezing through your calls seems snacks and.

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