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You got one you know like would would you. Would you rather have watched. Like billy. And jose canseco dance around for two minutes and thirty more seconds and like kind lanson punches and then have to the cards. Yeah would i probably would rather i mean i would love to watch billy fucking him. That would've been great but otherwise the drama and the intriguing the like the you know he threw it and fucked over. Dave and i mean that is i. Think worth the price of admission. Yeah i agree that it is drama. But i just don't like in my mentions being like you guys fucking stole and also really fault them because it is like in those old days of boxing when boxing was a corrupt organization and like all they fucking frame. This union say like that person framed it. You said boxing. And yeah you get the credit you get the blame like if you put the show on and something goes wrong. It's going to be you. But i mean it's the same thing every time it's like we steal our donation money. No we don't you were in on it you that. That's all scripted. Now it's not you knew like why would we like. why would be our incentive. Let's do this. And then everyone yellows. Yeah good idea like i mean but i'll give it does. A dude can move fucking pay per views. Yeah you know like he got a million dollars because fucking sold a shift on a pay per views so he has a long checkered past a long history so as we watch him sit there on the ground and now is one of the worst. Memes like you've ever seen billy standing over him while jose's cowering away so yeah so jose canseco thing was one of the saddest saddest. He's living one of the saddest existences of all time. Now it's right up there with with Jackie no longer intern. Jackie now fulltime employees. Jackie a who would you rather be at this point. Jose can saco where her. Because i was going to be a million dollars through. Jackie does not bad. I mean jose canseco lives like in his own house right. Nobody else where jackie she lives with. Come on over to the mike and explain it again..

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