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Whoa whoa whoa. Like they like she's talking about these people like acting like animals and saying that they need to go back to the jungle. And i'm just like one on earth and so then i see people saying well if they if they come down. Here event outright. Like i'm like. I'm i'm gonna shoot on bubalo baugh like just talking about people like objects as i'm sitting here bike. You don't live anywhere near ferguson. Like you live in like saint charles which is like not close to like you live in like you live in south county like you live in melville that this. They're not they're not going to come down there because i really don't care about what's happening there. They're mad because somebody got killed in their in their neighborhood in their town. And i remember people. I remember someone who had served in youth ministry within who i believe was even pastoring at the time to a post something like pants up. Don't loot and i was just like and there were there. Were so many things that were killing people in in the town that i gone to college and that was where a lot of moore majority of my friends were had to such loud and outrageous opinions injustice. I it just say these people tearing up their own neighborhoods. It was it was. It was chilling. And i was so hurt by it. And just thinking back. You probably would claim me as your black friend and your kids have spent so much time at my house as their at me being a youth pastor. I've taken your kids all over the state of missouri to other parts of of the united states. And this is like this is how you look at black people okay and so it was something that just i was. I was hurt. I was angry. I was indignant. And so the only thing that i could do sitting in virginia was to get on facebook and to call it out and say like this is a problem. You don't understand what's happening. And for several days i i spent a lot of time On twitter watching this is because it's so funny. Just how technology is even shifted in the last seven years but a lot of the so. You live video that livestreams and stuff. I mean obviously there were livestreams. But like you didn't have like periscope. Like i remember watching lukewarm mcdonald. Like whenever people were marching in chicago over the quam just a few months later live in. That was when we periscope and it was live but just even just like a little shifts little details like that. But i remember watching videos of people uploading videos two minute videos to twitter of the protests that were happening in saint louis and i remember just following all the hashtags and following everybody on twitter and then being on facebook and be and watching cnn. And as i'm watching cnn of doing all these. i'm doing all these things..

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