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The White House is looking to Virginia senator Mark Warner to help thaw out its frosty relationship with senator Joe Manchin in hopes of resurrecting president Joe Biden's build back better plan. To senior Senate sources of that Warner, one of Manchin's closest friends, and its former housemate will be involved in any future BBB talks. Manchin has said publicly that he's not negotiating with The White House, privately, he's been even more pessimistic, so to source close to Manchin, quote, he's not in the mindset of moving forward. Mention is complained about a lack of quote effective outreach or reset by top White House aides and blamed them for making the BBB negotiations to personal. Manchin has spoken to Steve rochette, Biden's hope whisperer, once since Christmas, but he's still angry with chief of staff Ron klain, who he believes told press secretary Jen Psaki to quote unleash the dogs in a heated White House statement after the senator announced on Fox News Sunday that he was no on the BBB. Spokespeople for both Warner and Biden demurred about the specifics of their Virginia senator's exact role in the effort to win over Manchin, a Warner spokesperson told playbook quote, senator Warner and senator Manchin are good friends, the toggle regularly, sometimes about policy, and sometimes to just shooting the breeze. I wouldn't call those conversations negotiations. Said White House spokesperson Andrew Bates, quote, a wide range of members are working on build back better. But senator Warner's not negotiating on behalf of The White House. However, they want to characterize the effort, they're still far from having mansion on board. The source close to ancient told playbook, I don't think they'll be able to coax him back into the BBB. He'll listen to Mark Warner, but he won't do what he wants. Also training the mansion lobbying effort, former president Bill Clinton, earlier this week, the big dog pitched mansion on supporting both BBB and voting rights reform. Still, Manchin seems unmoved. In meanwhile, a senior Senate source said that The White House discussed repackaging build back better by breaking off a piece or pieces of policy to revive the talks, adding that negotiations are still ongoing. News outlets flooded their feeds with coverage commemorating the anniversary of the January 6th insurrection, debating its effects on American politics and even occasionally shedding new light on the horrors of the day. One such story came from political Betsy Woodruff Swan, Christopher catalog, and Kyle Cheney, who broke Thursday afternoon that then vice president Kamala Harris was in the DNC building when a pipe bomb was discovered outside of the building on January 6th. It underscores just how close the nation came to a full blown constitutional crisis, just one year ago. When you're after the January 6th attack on the capitol, the political aftershocks are still reverberated. Characters like Donald Trump, I mean, truly sinister pathological narcissistic people like that. They don't stop. Our very own Rachel beat talks with representative Jamie Raskin, a democratic lawmaker who's been on the forefront trying to hold Trump accountable for years, and one who, in many ways, saw January 6th coming long ago. Subscribe to our weekly podcast playbook deep dive wherever you listen to podcasts to hear that story today. Here's what's up in Washington today starting with The White House. At ten 45 a.m. eastern, president Joe Biden will deliver remarks on the December jobs report. At 1115, the bidens will leave The White House for Colorado arriving at 5 p.m.. At 5 30, the Biden will tour neighborhood in Louisville. They'll then meet with families affected by the Marshall fire at 6 35 and Biden will speak briefly. At a time the bidens will leave the area to head to Las Vegas, arriving at ten 25. Principal deputy press secretary Jean Pierre will gaggle on Air Force One on the way to Colorado. All right, that's all I've got for you today. For more news, I want to breaking in D.C. right now. Subscribe to the playbook newsletter. That's at Politico dot com slash playbook. Our music is composed by the mysterious brake master cylinder. Playbooks editors Mike zapper, Jenny Ahmet is Politico senior producer of audio. I'm rugman of all and have a great weekend. We'll see first thing on day morning. Facebook leads the industry in stopping bad actors online. That's because they've invested $13 billion in teams and technology to enhance safety over the last 5 years. It's working in just the past few months they've taken down 1.7 billion fake accounts to stop bad actors from doing harm..

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