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One. I want to go to otto's utopia because he's telling me what you tell me that we wouldn't have any injury concerns and in were concerned i love you and they were all in shape and i would do is counter by saying well. Just go take the group. That is better not to sorry. You're one of these. Three talent is obviously the milwaukee bucks. How do i know that. Because you guys told me that when you mentioned victory in brooklyn you say katie d. Hiring you notice that either is initials acronyms are just one word otto emmy over there knows what i'm talking about that superstar status. Well you mentioned the big three. And milwaukee guess what you're say yang this because he's one of them say chris middleton and drew holiday but that's not even a strong argument. Here's a strong argument and sickness health poverty and wealth. You gotta take brooklyn nets because they were up in the series against your big three to zero and it was only one and a third of them three of them. He wasn't even all two of them. It was one of the third two thirds of heart and left him but he was there lipid alot wit k. d. Now let's be real about this. I need to see our chart need to see the hair that needs to haircut is coming on. Noah's come here we go guys. We are going to venice beach. Hey slick i you bring them yellow chuck. She wore an eighth grade. Maybe you were talking about that. Okay we sit near six dues walking up looking fresh got they managers would they business managers they ages. Apr team all six of nay. Sit down guys. Will i doubt regularly superstars so here we go. We all sitting there and it's time to draft burst. Piquet cake d. This stop playing second pick is hard. Let's stop playing. Don't pick it quite. Is it going to be honest. Or is it gonna be kyri zone which one but the point is even if you're drafting and your drafting chirp mindset. Ain't no way three of the i. Four players aren't on the brooklyn nets case. This the big. Three's brooklyn here. Is the problem with cells logic america. Slick you already know. I ain't got to talk to you. I'm talking to them. Talent marcellus wildly wants to ignore the negative traits attributes and characteristics that make up an individual and only pay attention to the positives. You move to california. The weather is amazing. But i'm not going to ignore the fact that they're earthquakes who to nigeria. The greenery is beautiful. But i'm not gonna ignore the fact that there's immense poverty tesla's running credibly well but you can't ignore the fact that they're only meant to both they're only supposed to be built wants to get into an accident or they big issue with a tesla. I'm not going to ignore reality of a situation and only focus on the positives. If i were to only focus on the positives yes i would take the nets but the problem is i cannot ignore the earthquakes the immense poverty or the fact it only meant to be built once because the nets. They missed too much time. So give me the players that are going to be present. Give me the players that are actually going to play. And i'm also not taking james harden over jaanus. But i won't get distracted by that. I think the viewer can understand that. John is better. But would you take three nets over. The i four picks up three nets correct yes. I was three nets. that's the best left. they're not present. You know the race. The story of the tortoise and the hare you just want the guy. That's to get out. I give me old reliable. Who will be present. No one hundred percent. I hate to go back to something that. Ottawa pointed out at the very beginning. We're all pretending to be. Gm's here right. I mean that's really the exercise here. Who would we want for our team. And if i'm the gm. Do i want the three guys who left their last teams under a cloud of controversy with bad feelings and one whom i don't know when he's going to ghost me. I just know that at some point he is or one who can't keep to a diet or another one who loves twitter beast versus three guys who've demonstrated that they are humble hungary and no maintenance and for all the talk about who we're going to take to the courts and who were gonna play pickup with as far as talent is concerned. Yeah first of all the question of whether you would pick jaanus or kyri. Number third is the tail marcellus that you are biased to the there would never be a debate there. Most i would after that. It's yana sought to coke because of what he accomplished. This one to the next two picks brooklyn right. I could go go hardened drew holiday or actually again. It would be a debate. Because here's this can't reserve yes. I am oh. Yes i did. You see what you holiday did for team usa. Sometimes it's not about the numbers sometimes. It's not about the talent. it's another guy is better. Have you seen vinyl holiday. Makes other guys better will from other guys. The one thing that holds kyrie irvings resume up. There is the fact. That he wanna ring with the cleveland cavaliers and also happened to be with lebron james since then the numbers look good. They accomplishments not so much. So yes. i would take holiday over kyrie irving based on what. I'm building as a team and what he's done and this is the thing. You can't argue with marcellus. Those three they proved it. They want to ring the three guys with the nets. Katie one with golden state. kyri one with cleveland. James harden has never won one source. So the idea that those three can come together and be a championship trio simply has not been proved and the bucks have so whatever you wanna say about talent or anything else. I got the three that have demonstrated that they can do ultimately what. I want them to do and the other have yet to do that. Thank god that kevin durant had that big toe or we will have a different conversation. I'll tell you can't keep giving me the negative example or contact matters only want to focus injury and being present how about just being better like the negatives for the brooklyn ss just to get hurt and they just talk about some of the issues water now president. But there's this better it's not even a conversation. Four picks three of them guaranteed to go one to. I'm saying and three brooklyn respecting y'all say four picks but three of the four r. brooklyn. You're not even weaving. We're not even snaking this. This is crazy and this slick try to come with their slick talk because i love him but organizations left in a cloud of controversy. You don't want it to have player on your roster like that why would have wanted shaquille. O'neal left orlando and they were left. In a little bit of controversy. I would have wanted lebron. He left cleveland first time and they were left in a little bit of controversy. Hey i wanna took hawaii after san antonio and look what he did with the rafters and they were left in a cloud of controversy bay. Y'all cooking these books up here. Just maybe not cookbooks. Only three players in the league on the same team average over twenty four points again. They're all brooklyn nets. Only one team could say that nets best field. Goal percentage last year nets second-best in three pointers. An argument about. Oh where's their library. Accardo.

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