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I love it because it is a stupid stowed. So we're gonna go to prison. It's just not a super secure prison. It's also one where they wear the magnetic boot. It's just like absurdity stacked on absurdity stack. He's just have an underground super-secret prison. But Nope, we're going to have special boots. It's all gonna be crazy Saifi and Stallone Schwartzenegger did make this film because they did escape. Prison that was in the ocean. And this could be worse than this. Right. Not as good as this all it's so bad. It couldn't be worse than this. It is because there's no fun to it. I need to understand what you guys say. When you say where you're trying Stewart alien that has come from space and Jacob you, and I are like tell me, your concept of fun gap. It's because the loan in Schwarzenegger taken serious for me. It's just such a dumb premise that. You're gonna take the seriously and make me really consider it doesn't work and for me again. Because this next section is very focused on cage because castor Troy is left with this invisible. Man bandage around his face lists head and we've got Nick cage. Now as Archer in the prison watching Nick cage learned that he has to be Nick cage when he's leg that prison. All watching his laugh crime laugh amazing. That's what I was talking about earlier. There is. A case where the cop is learning to be the criminal. And he learns that he has to commit a violent act if he's not going to be exposed during this cafeteria fight. And I thought this movie was building towards all kinds of moments like that. But this is a body. Swap comedy. This is freaky Friday. Yeah. I mean, you gotta wonder stand Travolta's taller than cage the two of them do not have similar skin tone. There's so many things wrong with this. I wonder how much of Travolta's ego had to go at the side with the doctors talking about the love handles. I mean, did the doctor insert fat into Nick cage. I mean, they'll make fun of his chin amiss. I'm just having fun watching cage and the actor. They got for Pollock's. Troy, Alexandra devotchka as having an equal amount of fun. I don't know if he's trying to play autistic or if he's trying to play because this actor not American it feels like you start to speak with an axe trout. Most of hey, bro. He's British the British doesn't come through the weird. Inflection and voice comes through though. And I'm fighting him to be just fascinating. He shares the screen with cage in a way that he's not outshone by cages light. Yeah. Like Winnie waves. He does it with his little pinky or whatever. Okay. So we're just in a world where everyone is going to improv some delusion. And that makes this a parade of insanity you are heckling or or marching along with the parade. Yes, I'm marching with us parade. Even though I had only seen this once there's a reason that I could almost totally recall every seed, and I would just erupted to fit of giggles when someone would mention the title the shock for me is that this is playing very much like a very broad nineties comedy. This is sister act. This is not an action film, even though the poster and the billing and the hype said that this was going to be an intense action spectacular. But there's so much action here when Nick cage does. His final smile and gets him that fist with the guy. And of course, the plane the boats all of this that is action. I mean, the because action is in it doesn't make it action. The tone is comedic. So I shouldn't be getting upset that things like his breakout prison attempt here is so stupid. I should love it that should be great that he thinks that if he can get a cigarette it's going to lead to this domino effect in which he can bust out. And stop caster who has somehow blackmailed the only doctor into pudding Travolta's face onto his yes, they kicked up the secret ops. Yes. Doctor to do this full surgery on him at gun point..

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