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One thing that keeps sticking out to me is how these teams over the recent years Ohio State in the secondary Clemson upfront Bama front some of these teams that just have super loaded where they're gonna lose seventy guys to the draft invariably. It seems like a guy further down the roster turns into a really good player. You know, whether it's an atom Humphries just that type. And I'm wondering having watched Clemson and Bama who stood out that is gonna get drafted probably not in the first round is still going to be a really good player that may just some of these guys that get further down these rousers that we're not talking about. I wouldn't be shocked if Albert Huggins wound up making an impact I mean, he's impressive from Clemson. You got four guys that are going to be drafted three potentially in the first round with Christian Wilkins Cleveland Foral index or Lawrence then yet Austin Bryant the other starting defensive end who's probably gonna be amid round pick and then Albert Huggins. When Dexter lords is out because spend in the two playoff games comes in. And does a really good job. He's been a great backup the last couple of years for Clemson. And I think he's a day three pick and a player that nobody really knows outside of you know, huggy bear is the nickname. But as a guy who's never really started at Clemson. I think he's gonna wind up getting drafted and could wind up, you know, making a roster and contributed in the NFL couple of guys real quick Mitch Hyatt the left tackle for Clemson four year starter Todd does he end up at guard. Right tackle, obviously, it left tackle the athletic quick is. But you give them trouble. But it is an inside guy can be a factor there and rent. Throw the third down star made a lot of big catches threat is career Humphries making it with Tampa Bay certainly hunter Renfro could. And for Alabama is say a is this the guy to have when your football team was banged up late in the year. But I think he showed this year that you could get it done at a fairly high level nine sacks. Yeah. It was all said and done. Yeah. You Costa ten sacks gesture that he was very much under the radar. You know, guys, I'll give you an example of how this played out this last year. But the Sean hand who is this kind of, you know, obviously, a big time recruited Alabama. But kind of just one of the rotational player did he run hot and cold? There's questions there. But you know, it's funny dish on hand was like a breakthrough player for the Detroit Lions this season. Arguably maybe the best player on that defense for stretches of the season became on hand came on the Dr show last year prior to the guy going he came on eight early April, and he had a chip he felt like, hey, it's a scheme. We'll talk about my numbers. He was highly motivated to prove the doubters and the skeptics wrong that hey United put me in the first and second round, I should be. He just had an attitude about him. And it was it was not just being cocky and arrogant was really real that. You could sense it. Hey, hand was highly motivated to really come in and make a splash. And that was that turned out to be one wheel of a pick. Yeah. It's just amazing. Some of these these teams, I mean, if you think about it if you couldn't necessarily break the rotation at Clemson, it's not a big shot you on the defensive line. I mean, you could have been on another team in just absolutely broken through. And then from the scouting standpoint. There's maybe a few a few less miles on that. Oh, dominator anyway, bro. Alabama had twenty two players drafted the last two years. Eight of them in the first round. I've got twelve more guys this year. Now, I've got to go back and look because a couple of gray. Davis has already said he's going back to school. But when the official list comes out, but before the national championship game in terms of eligible process. Spects? I had another twelve guys with draftable grades on it. I mean, it's just amazing. You talk about that would be thirty four in a three year span now, and it's it it just keeps happening over and over..

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