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Row London's. District Joyce told her son to go there and apply. Soon after McQueen took London transit to the headquarters of the prestigious Taylor Anderson Shepherd on savile row. Following a short interview, the head salesman hired. McQueen. As an apprentice, his mentor was a master tailor of jackets. He soon drilled padding stitches into McQueen's head over and over it was very tedious work but it honed his sewing skills. While he enjoyed the work McLean felt discouraged by the homophobic remarks of his fellow apprentices. It was a dismissive and derisive culture persisted in savile row shops. The AIDS crisis in the nineteen eighties stigmatized gay men McQueen didn't know many other LGBTQ plus people and felt isolated. The anti-gay statements made him feel ashamed about his identity so he kept to himself and floated from Gig to gig honing his craft with other Taylor's designers in January of Nineteen, eighty-eight he moved onto an apprenticeship at another well regarded Taylor gives and hawks but yet again a year later he left due to the company's homophobic culture before long McQueen, had grown.

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