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That that partnership between the best player in the head coach and went through all of your first came on you know it he was asked to Michael you know to change the way that he plays hockey approach to game how you approach the steamers and that could be very harshly when you ask someone who is good with Michael Jordan was at that time what he could do things for himself to keep his team in the game natural to go and play a different way so I I need for you you know to make those adjustments so that we can become a better team and Phil Jackson was able to lay out a plan and show Michael Jordan def I planned this way you still can become the best player you still can legally you can score but now you're going to put yourself in a situation where you can become a champion because your teammates will be able to help you Charles Oakley is a frontier to have him out here as well for your golf career with the with the Nixon center and in and I didn't realize he in Jordan or friends in the trade him for bill Cartwright how do you how does that work day naming standpoint is that the kind of thing they run through Michael Jordan before they do it how did that come together when you're making deals like that that matter to the star player well yes this is very important yeah I mean because the one thing you don't want to do is it is Catholic you know you know what the chemistry if things were going very well and you think about you know making a change here they're more times than not enough you have to get the respect for that dad does start in the vehicle you will sit down and let him know exactly what you're thinking you're not going to get his final approval because you know and GMO all you're going to make their final decision on your own but you know if they laid out a plan you don't they did let no Michael Milligan added to your cart right you know he's going to be able to bring X. Y. Z. to us and that's going to give us a better chance right now to win a championship we love Charles Oakley he did some wonderful things for us but how we obtained to date with this out of this office right now a big man like bill card right you have a much better fit how was your across perceived by the player certainly yeah you see Michael Douglas Adams internet lore the baskets if you're gonna be a live surgery in India Scotty Pippen it's almost a legendary he would berate even the buses Setra and during those periods of time how was he perceived from the players and what's your role the players a lot well he well you know you know Jerry Krause did a wonderful job of putting this did this team together and you know he did drop Michael Jordan but he was able you know to to bring in the right pieces you know to go alongside with Michael Jordan and then he he made there hello Jerry Reinsdorf they made the difficult decision to let doctor college girl and now he would have two great seasons there by the way yeah you're right callers go they're going to the Eastern Conference finals a few times you think it makes it very time around you know they would be able to get off the hook and Indian Jerry Krause who brought Phil Jackson into the system because they said that it's time to make a change and that was a bold move by Jerry Krause refund like at that time yeah DeFeo Jackson would be the right coast you know from Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls what they have here you have disagreements with sure and in the first two episodes shows you exactly how some of the players felt about Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf I didn't realize I thought he was kind of hands off owner but he was pretty involved I am very much involved in some of the things that they're J. crawls you know you know did in terms of how he handled negotiations and talked about you know moving players here there are going into the last season now that became the last dance kill jacks no matter what you do you're not coming back you know as as the head coach it wasn't Jerry Krause making those decisions by himself okay our office here he had a conversation with Jerry rice right before he made those moves was raised over pro trouble Geyer what all we can see much you know because you know he wasn't you know I hands on on a like a mark Cuban is but but he knew he knew what he wanted he was like what was going on because he had this guy Jerry Krause you do you know who was there every single day yeah yeah yeah like you said don't be naive right the scene although across because crosses into this by himself Watson tell as we try to set themselves up so that they can you know take the ball but works in in a while I didn't know existed powered him to do it that's the oldest trick in the book sometimes for for management tags at the end of the day if he E. like if you guys had a reunion of all the players but the championship teams is there a lot of divisiveness of animosity over all or is it all forgotten after a certain amount of time you see yourselves as brothers in champions UCS others blogs and champions you know when you're young and you're trying to find a place and you believe that you know you are just as important as anyone else and when you see you know one of the guys who all of a sudden now has taken a step in all the attention was paid to him because he's a great player and you know that you're doing some great things as well I wanna yeah are you know you eagle Peters and can get in the way and and jealousy can begin to set in the book now watch the board's realize you know what it took to win a championship you know all the ups and downs that they may have gone through during the regular season did not hurt your performance once they hit the floor and what and then once playoff time rolled around like everybody's on the same page trainer pretty sure we might have to do this again because we don't know what we're gonna see on Sunday night and so we get a reaction from because you feel like even though we know all this thing plays out there's so many things that we haven't seen before that we find fascinating Hey Mike exactly that the one thing I can guarantee you right now yeah I have no you know I have nowhere to go all right yeah you may book things try to get get remember keep their stick cannot handle a pie I'll be back okay traductor yeah the new Starkey trio WCCO seeks to sports it is like life on steroids because you have to win now you don't it's not like a business redevelop this over five years you can you expect to win now your contracts up now all those things in perfect this one whether they're doing this documentary because you have no idea how intense this stuff is I mean you know you know they want to win all those things which you have no idea how much you have no idea in this is the big one there's an old saying don't take the cheeks what does it mean and why does that saying you know something to do with who wins and who doesn't I'll explain that we come back don't take the cheeks sports to.

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