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Prager university carol swain professor political science of law at vanderbilt university outlines the real his three of the democratic party at its relationship to black america cnn prager you've got com where we teach what is in talk has been reduced and the author of this important books explains why the death of humanity richard wipers the you'll be i k r t professor of european history tell state university california state university and a senior fellow at the discoveries to so i'm curious i assume you have tenure oh yeah i ask all professors who come on my show how lowly they feel all all i have liberal professors too but the conservative professors and especially with the religious spent or you leave there well there are many of us here so uh in in in that sense actually my colleagues in my department though are actually pretty encouraging actually even though they don't agree with media logically they actually are pretty good groups so i get some flak from outside my department from other places but uh i have acts pretty collegial colleague here but in terms of uh sharing my view now aren't very many of our now did you teach any courses that reflect your understanding of the uh the devaluation of the human as a result of secularization will actually uh a lot of what in my book the death humanity comes out of course i teach on modern european intellectual history where i talk about all these different ideologies and look at them and i'm not looking at them at the angle of the developing human life which might book does my books are homes in on that one aspect of it but i do talk about these issues uh in my class sometimes i'm in a little bit more conservative play.

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