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Let's see Margot Robbie doesn't want you to ask her. She's gonna ever have a baby. Don't ask ask him a guy. Sorry in a baby often. Does that happen? We'll probably never because guys don't get pregnant. Are you gonna get somebody pregnant how often in an interview somebody say sorry? So I get asked that all the time. People ask me that all the time. Or are you going to get somebody pregnant I say, no because I've had of a second. So and then Chris Brown has been detained in Paris. He's gotten arrested keeping rape charges. Gee, that's surprising. Wow. Now, Brian Brown is on line six, oh where Brian Brown? Hi, Brian, Brian, a friend who works for snowbird public relations of snowbird, Brian. Are you at snowbo-? I am not you're not you made it out. Not up there. Wish you were trapped. It's no bird. So tell us what happened and well an avalanche closed the road. I guess, but what happened when and what's going on? So we there's an independence over called an Interlogix, and that that happens one or two ways, basically, it's where there's no ability to travel back down the canyon. You are essentially stuck at the resort. So. Yesterday when it comes in typically, what will work with you dot throughout the day. If we know there's a pending road closure. We start to let our guest now. Here's come up today. If the storm intensifies dot feels like they may have to set the Kenya down to perform avalanche medication. We we try to get that message out to everybody. Everybody has a chance to leave before the road closure. And then so people are aware that they have the option they can get down before they can't. Oftentimes, there's times I guess today where there was an avalanche in little Cottonwood canyon, and it essentially shut down travel on the road. So then we go into our into large protocol, which is basically everybody who's at the resort at that point is going to be required to stay there overnight. So it would be available rooms we have left. We try to get people put in rooms or you're going to be at resort somewhere where it's safe and warm and staying overnight until the roads reopen so it for some people, it's a this is crazy right of passage trying to fund story, then they get to tell everybody forever. Anybody who's ever been in an interlock event always remembers it always like to tell you about it and up there for the skiing and snowboarding in you are essentially you can't leave because of the inner life. Then the next morning when the resort reopens you're pretty much the first night up day, you're going to beat all the traffic coming down Kenya. And everything, and I'm sure it causes some some inconvenient people. Get some people must get angry about it though. And like I said we you know, if it's yesterday. That storm producing incredible amounts. Now. Now, we see three inches an hour snowfall. That's a lot. Four inches of snowfall. Our that's that's very rare. And I read yesterday, you dot saying that at one point we're seeing something in the in the realm about five inches an hour. Point. There's not much you can do, you know, even if they're out in full force. That's a tremendous amount of geo. So it I think people probably would enjoy the fact that they're up there for versus, you know, being upset they could get people were stuck it out as well. They are kind of has a similar protocol. Oh, help you out with the Ken. Mike said you may not necessarily get room properties. But you're going to be somewhere where it's safe, and it's warm how many people? How many people do you estimate are still stuck up in the canyon? I don't really know the road open for very short time last night from about for about an hour. They brought some plows up in clear to pass to get people down. So I'm guessing the majority of people were able to leave. But you know, if your car got snowed in or for whatever reason didn't quite make it down bikes. You'll get taken care of by the resorts. But I'm sure a small group of people did end up staying overnight. But. We've had five feet of snow in the last five days happened to over one of the busiest. So we kind of have our December holiday, which is our peak season Martin Luther King day and then president's day weekend. Those are the three big ski holidays people travel into Utah for that time is you know, five feet of snow over a federal holiday. Can't be too surprised that you know, there are some traffic issues. Also, what knows everybody. Everybody's safe though. Right. Brian everybody stays there. A projected time canyon will open this morning. I've been anxiously watching. I haven't seen anything yet from dot. I know they worked through the night to keep it open. And it looks like the weather's pushed out so I would imagine around the eight o'clock hour, okay. You know, if you follow on Twitter, or you dot is a great job with getting information out of social would get an answer here. Very good. Thanks, brian. Seahawk? All right. We got got a little time left. Yeah. We got we got five minutes. I I didn't want him eating all the news time. I like Brian. Utah. Lawmakers are gonna run some bills. The legislature starts here. Pretty soon series of bills are being filed in the Utah state legislature tweaking, how ballot initiatives tips will get before voters. And what happens if they pass lawmakers insist they're not tampering with citizen's rights. They always say to get a referendum, but one watchdog group questioned if it was death by a thousand cuts the bills are being proposed in the aftermath of three successful ballot initiatives, dealing with medical marijuana, Medicaid expansion and gerrymandering there needs to be tweaked to all of them if they're effective immediately. That could be very problematic said Brad, Dov, warm Bradshaw. Told FOX thirteen his Bill would delay implementation of ballot initiatives that successfully passed. So there any problems can be dealt with Bill is a direct response to the special session that came immediately after prop to medical marijuana went into effect a Bill that was the subject of compromise between sponsors and opponents of the Bill of the medical cannabis initiative was quickly passed after. Up to went into effect. So we can get medical marijuana now. Right. Yeah. Go down with the legal pharmacy. Now. Right. Oh, absolutely. I'm sure it'll be that easy. Yeah. Because the legislatures all about your convenience. This is interesting. The Representative Joan the gays I think how you say it in a freshman member of the House Judiciary committee told constituents Friday that the panel will likely investigate perjury claims against supreme court Justice Brett Cavanaugh and may move to impeach him depending on their findings. And he wasn't. He wasn't lying when he said he liked. There's no question the cavenaugh committed perjury during the confirmation hearings and so forth. New he said when asked if he planned to pursue Kavanagh's impeachment. I think the judiciary committee is likely to take that up. It's not going as fun as this sounds. I don't think there's any way in in the video of the exchange disseminated by conservative advocacy group. Casey did not explain which specific statement of Kavanagh's. He believes constituted perjury. Some. So this whole controversy. We don't have time to go into it all of the Covington Catholic high school students and the native American on the mall. Should do more with it. Boehner candidate yesterday, the Covington Catholic high school students, I stand by that old video has surfaced of Covington Catholic high schools in black face paint. Yup. At a basketball game. They also blackout game. The blackout game at the basketball. Don't doubt what your eyes told. You exactly at that moment with the native American man American shows up there and don't forget what those students were there for initially. They were there to protest a woman's right to have an abortion. That's right. Don't forget that. And and where were their adult supervisors while all this was going on don't doubt, what your eyes told you? I think it was Dr Paul tweeted yesterday's since when is ever a stared down calmed situation. There is not what he's trying to do that. So they may have been shouted out by other people, which is what they're say. They know they were another group of people that had nothing to do with that inst-. There are a lot of very clever people trying to make you doubt what went on there. But don't let it happen. You know, what you saw Rudy Giuliani has given another insane interview about from crime. You don't they pull him? I don't know. It's so entertaining. Well, it's good for our side. And the Bangladesh tree man is back in the hospital for more surgery. This is the man who suffers from an extremely rare genetic disease. Known as tree man syndrome warn us before you put up pictures like that. Dot com slash live. I am Groot. Yeah. He is. He's back in the hospital and faces more surgery after the condition returned after multiple operations in two thousand sixteen a bul Dr a twenty eight year old father from the small town in southern Bangladesh made headlines three years ago when he underwent a series of complex operations to remove lesions which remem- resemble tree branches from his hands and feet. That's exactly what it looks like Jon, Dr has been living with the disease EPA demoss epidermis displays. Vert form us. Sounds bad for more than two it sounded would sound even worse if I could pronounce. For two decades, resulting in extreme were like growths across his body. The condition is caused by a defect in the immune system, which increases one susceptibility susceptibility to HP the human papilloma virus often leading to chronic HP, infection, skin, lesions, and an increased risk of developing skin cancer. It's so rare there have only been a handful of reported cases around the world, and he's one doctors told CNN that Dr has had more than twenty five surgeries since two thousand sixteen but skipped out a further treatment in may probably because it's so awful and painful to have the surgeries, it's a complicated case, we're making progress, but we, but he left to go home. I requested him many times to come back. But he didn't said the doctor who was treating him the plastic surgeon. He came back to the hospital on Sunday with his mother he should have been here. Six months ago. He came too late. Weird. All right. That's it. Sports weather traffic. So Harry, Connick junior. Is is so mad that the saints lost Tang it? Well, did you guys talked about Amy come in? And she helped explain it to make well, even you know, not a sports person. And I'm sure could look at that and go that doesn't add obviously should have been called. Well, Harry Connick junior is boycotting that'll show him the Super Bowl that'll show him and won't watch it or the NFC championship or the AFC is not watching any of it until they they address this problem. Apparently, there's talk of a class action lawsuit against the NFL by by gamblers people who placed money on the game. Yeah. There is apparently some clause in the rules. That says that they can cause it changed their mind. It was that it was it was that egregious. Yeah. I I mean, I good luck to them. I don't think they're going to. I thought it was fascinating that it's even being talked about replay the game. Just what I say. Well, and I'm sure you talked about our our attorney had predicted them to win the Super Bowl. I'm sure he should be. Maybe he should be there. Attorney representing the lawsuit that sports weather. It's not yesterday. So that's the good news or the bad news. I guess depending on how you look at it not snowy this morning, but it is very cold eighteen degrees right now. We'll only warm up to about thirty. And with that cold. We've got a lot of icy conditions on the roads this morning, so no snow to contend with. But we do have ice still gonna need some extra time this morning..

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