Ohio, President Trump, Joe Biden discussed on Lance McAlister


News, Traffic and Weather News Radio 700 W ell delegate Cincinnati About 2020, which is going to be bigger than when we have to win over well release. He's an election update on 700. This is the A 30 report on Sandy Collins breaking now. AP and NBC are calling Mitch McConnell the winner over any McGrath in Kentucky with about 62% of the results in McConnell is ahead. 55% Touma grants 41% again. These are unofficial results in early Ohio is leading Ah, with Joe Biden right now, 60 to 40% over the president. Still not calling that race for the congressional seats in Ohio early votes Iran Steve Chabot and Kate Schroeder. He is ahead 58% to 38 for Kate, but it's still very early in District two in Congress, Republican Brad Wind Strip is ahead in early voting. Taking a look at the Supreme Court. The Democrats, John O'Donnell, is tied with Sharon Kennedy for her seat on the high court. While Jennifer Brunner is leading the incumbent Republican Judy French 60 to 40 again still early over in Indiana Governor Holcomb has been sent back to the capital reelected again and NBC is calling President Trump for the Wind in Indiana in the presidential race. Here in Ohio, Biden is leading the president 55 to 43%. We're going to get more now from ABC News..

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