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Happy Tuesday to you, boys and girls. One question one question Only. How do you feel? I feel good and I'm doing well, well, that's all that are really matters. And we come July for the rocket mortgage studios when you want the ability to adjust your loan options in real time. Guess what. Rocket can Coming up this hour here on the D, a show we will talk NBA playoffs with NBA analyst Coming up here on the show. He has not joined us in the past, but he has joined the CBS Sports Radio Network recently. He was on the Jim Roam show not too long ago, so Josiah Johnson is going to join us. He is the host of out of pocket. He played also college hoops at U C L. A. He's going to join us coming up on the show in a half hour from now. Speaking of Getting humiliated. By the Brooklyn Nets in a game where James Harden didn't play the Nets led by 17 of the first quarter. By 25 of the first half and at 1.49 points to cruise to a blowout victory. This has to be one of the most humiliating losses. In recent NBA playoff history for any franchise. Because you had already lost game number one. You have been trying to convince everybody that you belong in the conversation for winning an NBA championship that you are a better version of yourselves than previous years. And that you can hang with anybody. You lose. Game one. The Nets lose James Harden harder to scratch for game number two. And you know you've got an opportunity a window here to take Game two and B 11 going back to Milwaukee. And not only do you lose game too, and the Nets don't have James Harden, but you don't show up. You miss every possible shot to open up the the game. You are lackadaisical offensively and defensively are taking poor shots and missing them. You're likely the Nets do whatever they want. Offensively, You found yourself down by a growing deficit and you don't even try to stop the bleeding. You don't get any stops. Don't play better, And you don't try to fight back and close the deficit. No, you just let it keep getting wider and wider and wider. And after the game. To hear the disgust. And Charles Barkley's voice. To hear the disappointment in Kenny Smith's voice to hear the somber tone of Ernie Johnson. It was like, how dare you guys. That's at least how Barkley felt. How dare you lose by 50 points. It's like you've got an opportunity. It's in front of you. They don't have hearted. You've got ya honest. And you lost. By 40 points and found yourself down by 50. It was like, how dare you guys and it was sad. It was sad for early and said for shock and said for Kenny, because It takes the wind out of the sails of this series. How can you possibly expect the bucks to put up a fight? If without James Harding on the floor, there's still 40 points worse, or 50 points worse. Game three. Ends up being.

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