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Half million aliens through the sponsorship rules and now we hear it but we hear a lot we hear a lot about vetting so let's talk about the vetting process as it applies to these beneficiaries of chain of socalled chain migration are they vetted at a different level or at a different standard from from other immigrants who are vetted when they want to enter this country they get preferential treatment so my understanding is the vetting process is not as as deep uh at all in fact i going going back at a so fixing the news that that the tac up the people who got dako benefits do you know the debt department homeland security dot and that all those illegal aliens they they only did a random testing projects or the vast majority of them are in the country without any vetting whatsoever wild homeland and yet on the other hand the polling on support for daca is over off off the charges it isn't something like eighty percent yeah part of that is because of the mythical view of dhaka beneficiaries that's been created in the press i give you just one or rubber this is being pushed because the idea as well all these people came here when they were two or three so they don't speak the language of their native countries where they were born that's not reality a lot of the people who were document a fisheries came here as teenagers and a recent uh uh uh study that i saw estimated that almost a quarter of them are functionally illiterate an english if you can believe that well because you from the heritage foundation said would meese center for center for legal judicial studies.

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