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John august So he has the story credit on this as well as he kicked off the screenplay and at a certain point they brought in two more writers cormac and marianne whibley who worked on. I spy in the six day two credits. That wouldn't lend themselves to a lot of promise but they did go on to do the national treasure films so they have that in their back pocket later. But i'm going to go a little vague. I think on the actual writing process because scott. You and i actually talked to john august correct. We didn't we've already To at this point so we have an interview coming out with him a little later this week. I believe on the friday so stay tuned for that as well. Yes you'll want to listen to that. He's very candid about the process of writing. Both trump angels one and two and sort of the hurdles. They had to go through. And there's definitely some interesting points. Brought up that i wouldn't be able to cover in our research so definitely check that out so nonetheless. They brought mckee back he had in the interim from doing the first. Charlie's angels just really worked on the fast lane. tv show. He directed the pilot. And i believe it was a producer on that show. Does anyone remember fastlane. I wasn't i wasn't that good now. I'm thinking the fox show lane rush. Show good show. yeah. I did know very flashy Nighttime action show. It looked like a mickey film like it had a lot of the style the first charlie's angels I think tiffany thesis joined the show The father from twilight. I can't remember his name. The vampire yep him yeah. Hang on yeah now. I don't remember his name. Oh no nearly came there and then it's going to look about halfway through this. I'm going to shout out the name of the father and twilight go for. I can't remember the name. i can't remember the name. Unknown remembers fascinates nameless. His name carlisle. Cullen right carlisle. cullen. I've got that something yeah. It wasn't anything pete or something. Yeah i want to say peter as well okay. So it's definitely peter then yeah so fast lane had its little era but ultimately mc was free to come back for the sequel. Bill murray was of course out. There have been issues in the past with bill. Murray not gay along with mckee in also. Apparently a squabble between bill. Murray and lucy liu so he was they brought in bernie mac. As for the concept of the villain madison lee as played by demi moore. That wasn't part of the original plan. But a certain point demi moore. They reached out and she was very interested. She hadn't worked really in five years since doing gi. Jane and deconstructing harry drew. Barrymore said she really fought hard for her and they basically wrote the character specifically for her to appear in this movie. The idea of madison lee or at least a rogue angel was actually a concept. They sort of had floated for you know..

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