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Or 1 99 a month is barbaric Thon the best boy, I guess. In the cable down 24 hour Traffic Center. I'm Sam Clover. Thank you, Sam. Forecast now sponsored by colonial marble and granite. Here's Bill Henley. Cool. Start this morning with a few scattered clouds, but sunshine will warm us into the seventies. Today, mostly sunny and comfortable with low humidity. Humidity starts creeping in a bit for tomorrow's clouds increase 62 degrees. The low temperature tomorrow morning 80 the high There is a chance of an afternoon shower more likely. Those showers hold off until Thursday night and Friday morning. That's where the cold front that's coming through. That's going to cool us down. The showers move out Friday afternoon, slowly clearing skies Friday and a high of 68 after morning low of 61. I'm NBC 11th Alert meteorologist Bill Henley. With your most accurate forecast count on it. It's Ah, clear now on Sanderson doesn't look it because of the haze from the smoky fires out West, but it is clear 54 degrees. We're headed to 75 this afternoon. Fallen to say things right now A colonial marbling granite, get up to 60% off exotic inventory and get a free yet upgrade details at colonial marvel dot net or visit one of our local show rooms today. This check on Wall Street is sponsored by crash proof retirement dot com. You can listen. Live to the crash for free Tire Man show every Saturday Morning at 11 and Sunday afternoon at one SNP futures up 15 Dow futures off 116 NASDAQ Up 20. Your health, your community your money when it matters to you. It's on K Y W News radio. Three things to know about Hurricane Sally at 27 45, sponsored by Ocean First Bank commercial lending. The center of the storm is now on land came ashore near Gulf Shores, Alabama around 6 15 this morning. The storm strength into a Category two early this morning and as top winds near 105 MPH and more than 300,000 people along the coast. Gulf Coast are without power. Well, that's ahead in the next 15 minutes. Good morning. I'm Brandon Brooks and I'm Carol Mackenzie Tim McLaughlin at the editor's desk. More now on our top story. Hurricane Sally makes landfall Kyi W's Dave Cohen joining us live from New Orleans this morning, Dave Good morning, So Sally's been dumping right on the coast. For almost a day. Now. What are you seeing there? Oh, my God. In Pensacola. They've now tallied more than 22 inches of rain already, And the eye has just moved onshore here in the last two hours. So that means only half the storm is inland to Pensacola. Brave thing to get over 30 inches of rain. They're calling it historic rainfall they could cause widespread damage and flooding. Meanwhile, you mentioned that the storm overnight between 10 P.m. and 1 A.m. went from a category one with 80 Mile an hour winds to a cat two with the 105 Miles an hour wind. That's a very different picture at landfall, waiting for the sun to come up to see some of the damage and destruction that is caused right near the Florida Alabama line. Meanwhile, storm surge has been an issue across four states. Here on the Gulf Coast. So they you know, people were told to get out ahead of this storm did a lot of people do that. And what are you hearing from them? You know, unfortunately, because Sally was moving so slowly in the gulf of just two miles an hour for the last day and a half the forecast track change so much. Some people didn't even know it was coming their way remembers the two days ago, New Orleans was in the bull's eye for Sally. Then it moved to Mississippi than Alabama. And now really, it's Florida getting the worst of it. So a lot People on the Panhandle did not evacuate. Not thinking that this was going to be that big a deal for them, and we're waiting to find out just what the effects of that have been with this torrential rainfall. Now the storm surge in Florida along with the 105 Mile an hour winds, people did evacuate in Louisiana, where we have seen storm surge, even though it's so far away from the center of this thing that I am Sally, we had some outer levees. Gil get overtopped last night here in Louisiana. Outside of Greater New Orleans area and.

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