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Hi, everyone and thank you for tuning into the two hundred sixty second episode of awards chatter. The Hollywood reporter's awards podcast. I'm the host Scott Feinberg, and my guest today is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. A one woman hit machine for more than thirty five years who has worked with almost every major singer of that time span from Barbra, Streisand and share to slain Dion and Whitney Houston to beyond say and lady Gaga and who's responsible for giant hits. Like, how do I live? I don't wanna miss a thing. If I could turn back time where them of the night. Nothing's gonna stop us now because you love me, don't turn around unbreakable heart can't fight the moonlight, and so many others, the great Diane Warren of whom the legendary music industry executive Clive Davis once said, quote, you know, how people are always saying no one write songs like they used to while. Diane is someone who does close quote Warren was the most successful songwriter of the nineteen nineties has been called the high priestess of heartburn. Aac and his virtually synonymous with the power ballad, but has found success with almost every genre. She has had thirty two songs. Practice billboard hot one hundred chart and nine top it. She was the first songwriter to simultaneously have songs at number one and number two on the US charts. And she was the first songwriter simultaneously have seven songs by seven different artists on the singles chart at the same time. Furthermore, she has written more than one hundred songs that have been featured in movies ten of which brought her best original song Oscar nominations, but none yet a win. Meanwhile, she has won Grammy EMMY Golden Globe and critics choice awards each for different songs. She also won the billboard music award for songwriter of the year in nineteen ninety seven nine hundred ninety eight and nineteen ninety nine was named the American society of composers authors. And publishers pop songwriter of the year in nineteen ninety nineteen ninety one nineteen Ninety-three nineteen ninety eight and nineteen ninety nine and their country songwriter of the year in two thousand and she was inducted into the song. Writers hall of fame in two thousand one today at sixty two she is still going strong and pumping out songs as great as ever and over the course of our conversation at the officers of the Hollywood reporter, she and I discussed all of the above plus much more including how she emerged from troubled childhood, and I began working in the music biz the origin stories of greatest hits several of which almost never were. And what inspired the trilogy of call to action songs that have accounted for her three. Most recent Oscar noms till it happens to you from two thousand fifteen hunting ground performed by lady Gaga, stand up for something from two thousand seventeen Marshall performed by Andre and common. And from the two thousand eighteen Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, bio doc RB g which itself has been nominated for the best documentary feature. Oscar the song alpha Knight performed by Jennifer Hudson. So without further ado, let's go to that conversation. Diane. Thank you so much for comments to see you as always, and this is a little different than most of these. Because usually when somebody comes on this podcast. I don't really previously know them don't have much to do with them. I feel like thanks to the long suffering period that you've had with the Oscars number ten world friends. I've only been around for the last four I think before that was before my time so long as yes. But it's been fun, and we'll get through all of it. But I guess the begin with. Let's just say for the record where were you born and raised in. What did your parents do for a living? I'm from van Nuys, California. A local not a lot of us. My dad sold insurance. My mom was a housewife and was music big presence in the house grownup. Yeah. Two older..

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