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This is the Thom Hartmann program. and welcome back to on our end here with you. so remember this this is trump in a campaign rally back back in twenty sixteen and I get along great with all of they buy apartments for me to spend forty million fifty million am I supposed to dislike him I like him very much. Saudi Arabia they give him lots and lots of money. something is rotten in Denmark as they say over the last hour we've been talking about the and we went through the history of the with the Yemeni war we went through the history of Saudi Arabia on the from the lobbyists to Osama bin laden how how George Bush the elder's what little more you know we're on behalf of Kuwait with Iraq led to the from the creation of a U. S. Air Force base in Saudi Arabia which is why Osama bin laden struck us on nine eleven. something that I you know I think most Americans if you were to say why did bin laden hit us on nine eleven as well he hated us and he used to work for us. you know he was part of the mujahedeen they were trying to throw the throw the associates. out of out of Afghanistan. we were finding him go back and watch the movie Charlie Wilson's war read the book. so why didn't why the sudden suddenly start hating us because we built an airforce base for George Bush senior for his little war in Iraq is a hundred hour war so that he can get himself reelected didn't quite work out but that was his plan and a little war get reelected you know like Reagan did with Grenada. LBJ thought it was a great idea let's have a little war in Vietnam that didn't work out so well either. I don't know by Harry Truman and Korea I I don't know if there were you know if he was trying to get himself reelected or not but. in any case. I didn't that didn't work I mean that led right to Dwight Eisenhower send I'm gonna I'm the peace cannot vote for peace what price in our nineteen fifty two. but in any case went through all that and here we are with Donald Trump saying you know I love the Saudis they give me money you just heard him say that. and then he's saying you know Saudi Arabia price will be a couple days ago he said they were affordable and all this other stuff from us no it's nothing close to that but they're still you know they're buying billions of our exit before her billion this is their buying billions of dollars worth of military from a certainly not from us though not from you and me. by not from the billionaires in the defense industry. and the multi millionaires in the defense industry. cool are people who help prop up the political parties and the candidates and all this kind of stuff. so that's happening and will continue the conversation about you know what should we do about this I think frankly what we need to do is we need to take back. Congress needs to take back the power to make war. they need to repeal their authorization use military force that was passed after nine eleven so the George W. bush could invade Afghanistan where bin laden had as little camp and this was after mullah Omar said Hey will arrest him turning over a third party government no problem. long as he gets a fair trial we're we're good with that and bush said no I want a war with the Congress here you go George. have a war. and then bush use that same a you I'm off to attack a country that had nothing to do with nine eleven Afghanistan only peripherally had anything to do with nine eleven. by eleven remember was seventeen Saudis right. who is in the air. the day after nine eleven while planes are grounded this the the members of the bin laden family from all over the United States and the Saudi royal family going back to Saudi Arabia Gee what a sweet by. and we're supposed to fight a war with being on behalf of Saudi Arabia country that we do not have a mutual defense treaty with we do with you know European countries that's NATO we do with Israel when is a number of countries we do with Japan there's a bunch of countries web South Korea with whom we have mutual defense treaties. so here it is not one of them. and when the founders put this country together and the fed the framers put the constitution together they were. very clear. about the fact that they did not want the guy who is in charge of running the military to be able to say how the military got used that should be the branch of government that is closest to the people because it has it gets entirely entire house represents gets reelected every two years. and so the will of the people would be actor echoed not through the president but through the house of representatives and there would be a public debate about going to war. article one of the constitution says explicitly only Congress can make war. declare war. that we had a much a war as the Congress didn't acquire last war the Congress declared as World War two. and we need to go back to those values we need to go back on a few values we need to go back to the constitution. by the way F. for those of you out there who are economics walks. I would love to hear your thoughts on this behavior Richard wolf typically is in on Thursdays is it is it coming on Thursday this week John is not okay well that you know I'd like to reach out and find out what he thinks about this but this is the top story of the Financial Times and I'm guessing that this has to do with a freak out around the possibility that we could be going to. but here's the here's the story this is by Sam Sampson Joe Renison Colby Smith and robin will bills worth I was just posted an hour ago on from F. T. dot com for the Financial Times is but newsela news newspaper. website. the federal reserve has injected billions of dollars into the U. S. financial system specifically seventy five billion dollars to alleviate a dramatic squeeze in this country short term funding markets. now this is the overnight report these call overnight repurchase agreements or repos on. basically. it's it's you know cycling US treasuries. the cost of borrowing cash in exchange for U. S. treasuries overnight using reached repurchase agreements on his reach repose surge between Monday afternoon Tuesday morning to as high as ten percent. an increase of more than four full. tentative data show. repos are important way for borrowers to raise short term funding by agreeing to buy and sell securities over very short time frames as such they are vital lubricant of the financial system the sudden tightening of the market because the predicament for the fed just as top pop policy makers are medium wash and make a decision on monetary policy. so. something's going on I mean you look at the graph in this article in the free in the Financial Times and you know there's just the sudden spike. ten percent. for overnight fed funds whoa something's going on here. and I'm not quite sure what it is but it sure does sound alike. the system just got very ill liquid and that's what happened in two thousand eight. after Lehman Brothers close down. so we'll see where that goes to. any others there's a alpha so much else going on the the trumps Turnberry scandal keeps getting worse mark Sumner over daily kos writing about this first with we heard that the planes are stopping at this airport the Serbs trumps property in Scotland well to keep the airport open right now we heard well and and the guys in the Air Force can go stay at the trump hotel. and that there were it happened four times. and then we learned no it was actually happened forty times. now political reports that this is courting mark Sumner airforce officers and crew been dropping in a turn very for extended stays five days or more which has earned them a pride pin as Turnberry VIP's. and there's a big government funded trips not personal stays they had the links every day not only did the military pay for some are in are the trump facility but also picked up the tab on souvenirs and conveniently marked points out. this didn't happen during the peak summer season this seems to happen mostly during the winter when there's not much business at Turnberry isn't that sweet. meanwhile. a see Alexander Custer Cortez is joining. A. Sanders. Elizabeth Warren. and Emily's list and Planned Parenthood action fund and NARAL pro choice America and move on and progressive change campaign committee and democracy for America joining all of them in indoor scene Marie Newman. who is the twenty twenty house primary challenger to democratic representative Dan Lipinski. he's a sitting Democrat. and all these people are endorsing the person challenging him a new one why well because Daniel Penske has his anti abortion. he's anti LGBT Q.. he voted against obamacare the affordable Care Act. and he refused to endorsed Barack Obama for reelection in twenty twelve refused to endorse it. so I don't live in or anywhere nearly Penske's district this is in Illinois near near Chicago but if you do and you have thoughts on that I'm curious to see how you think this is going to play out. amazing story in political about the oil industry versus the electric car I mean it is just a bunch of stuff going on here I'll get into some some more of it just a few minutes it is.

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