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Be careful what you wish for. I had a, I had a Chevron a couple of weeks ago and he told me all about his wife which is really fascinated never was bought at Firestone on ESPN. You have to do those interviews where you made people cry. Yeah, I read, you know, that's the one I took a firestone quarters of you know he told us that was really good yesterday. I had a gentleman on him Arthur snow. Who was a long-time British Diplomat and is one of the major partners of orbis business intelligence, where he works with. Christopher Steele does this week is the 5-year anniversary of when Chris Steele wrote the first intelligence report for orbis that that you know about Trump off. So, five years ago this week that happened that was a really good conversation. And then next week I have Nina so I've got that going. I've got my sub stack, I Prevail if you want to go subscribe to it off. Fantastic. I would I would love you for that, but everything on the site is free to read and that's a, that's what I got. That's my, that's my case. All right, thanks so much. Oh, pop up and ask what time is your podcast on? It's not, it's not live, it's just a regular thing. So it usually comes out at 5:30 in the morning Eastern time every month. All right, Greg look, I love having you on, man. I mean, it's always a pleasure and, you know, we gotta grab a beer, one of these days. I know, I know there's a best of weird weeks left of school, the stuff like that, but yes, I would love that. All right, Greg, thanks so much, man. Thanks for having me to him. All right, the, the great Gregg Rolie are on the Stuttering John podcast off and I, you know, I can't say enough about it and just you know, just to, you know, finish what I was saying earlier is, you know, I might be seeing my attorney tonight because Because we will probably we don't know yet but we might have to file an appeal with the higher Court cuz serious the judge sided with Sirius XM and it's just another case of bulshit, you know, and look it's not only me that is upset with what's going on. There are a lot of former employees that never signed anything that are getting fucked. Just like, I am with them publicizing me, you.

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