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I don't know what happened there but. Bill. Here's the Here's the here's the thing Beto lost by only two points in the last election here in Texas with that South Texas I mean South Texas is different than the rest of the state and so the internal polling and I you know I don't get access as much of it as I did when I was a big shot on. Fox. But I do get some and I don't think they're camera is GonNa whip into Texas I think tomorrow. All right 'cause the Democrats who well, we got a one in five chance there. So send comma. But if they thought they were GONNA win Texas Biden be down there back. All right I mean, that's the key. You gotTa Watch where the candidates go and here's something else very fascinating. How much time we got we had plenty of time more than enough time for anything interest. Where's where's Michelle? Where's Michelle Obama? Strangest thing in the world, here's the most popular Democrat in the country by Farm Michelle Obama okay. And she makes one public service announcement on the Internet, not even on broadcast TV on the Internet I vote for Jill and then she disappears meanwhile her husband Barack he's running all over the place wiz. Michelle. Very. Very strange. What do you think that means I don't know. I I have no like inclu but I'm stunned. Obama is trying to rally the African American Vote Biden. Stunned is possible. She's guarding the room that they've locked Hunter Biden in I I guess that might be possible back but I, don't think I would. Go with that one. Okay. All right. Okay. I mean, you're a journalist I'm not. So I'm the guy that raises the questions based on reality. And I'm sitting here going where is Michelle? Obama in this whole campaign so Very, very spooky as they say on Halloween. Al Gore was able to. Claim. Victory because the networks had called Florida for him early and so they legitimized it. You know you say that are going to start calling states Do you trust their calls for states. I don't think I think networks onto the and so much trouble. They can't afford to screw up so they will err on the side of caution since when they wait wait wait wait wait. When have they adopted that stance? Well because the poll say that the second most hated institution in the country is the media. They all know they're going to die after Tuesday, they're all starting to lay off massive amounts, massive amounts of people Jeff Zucker the president CNN's going to fired they know what's coming back. What's coming Armageddon for the broadcast news industry even if even if there is a biden win doesn't matter. Because no people know they're not getting the truth. On any of them George. Stephanopoulos is the chief news correspondent for ABC. George Stephanopoulos. Little Georgie. Thought, it should have done that interview with Biden in short pants. You should add short pants on Georgie. He's sat there with his thumb in his mouth and asked nothing. And he's the chief correspondent Lesley Stahl. Who I've known for decades and I respect Leslie Stahl all right looks into the camera and says, there's no verification of spying on the trump campaign. After the Inspector General of the Justice Department issued a fifty page report that says there was massive corruption in that and Leslie stalled says that to the president of the United States and you think people are believed these organizations going forward. They're not well when I mean you you we have we've crossed the Rubicon we've only got thirty seconds, but haven't we crossed the Rubicon on facebook and Google and twitter to where you know you just go. Out when we get back ARA..

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