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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer, secretary of state. Mike palm peyot says he is hopeful. Kim Jong Hoon is prepared to take bold steps to denuclearize, and he says, President Trump is fully prepared for next week. Summit is NPR's Michele Keleman reports, secretary pump AO says, even when he was CIA director. He spoke often with Trump about North Korea, and he says, he's confident that the president is ready to meet Kim Jong UN as for the North Korean leader. Pompeo has met him twice already has indicated to me personally that he is prepared to denuclearize. And in Pompeo's words, the North Korean leader knows that this has to be big and bold. He says, President Trump will not stand for a bad deal. This secretary plans to travel to South Korea, China and Japan after the summit to coordinate with them, Michelle Kellerman NPR news, the State Department with moderate House Republicans threatening to force a vote on immigration. This month house speaker, Paul Ryan met with GOP leaders this morning to try to find a compromise and avert a public showdown. But as NPR's, Scott detro- reports from the capital Republicans are still stuck in the same immigration gridlock. They faced all year. Moderate Republicans are just shy of the number of signatories. They need to force an immigration vote on the house floor. Later this month, they're using a rare parliamentary move called the discharge petition to get a permanent fix for the deferred action for childhood arrivals program house speaker. Paul Ryan is warning his members against forcing the vote, a discharge petition will not make law. So I think our members realize it's better to have a process that has a chance of going into law than not. But Ryan is backing President Trump's plan to fix DACA while also making permanent changes to the legal immigration system. That proposal fell far short of passing when it came up for a Senate vote earlier this year, Scott detro- NPR news the capitol for Mesa, Arizona police officers on administrative leave after being caught on. Video beating a suspect police body Cam footage shows officers punching Thirty-three-year-old Robert Johnson multiple times as they arrested him late last month, a news conference today, pastor Andrew Miller dismissed the officers explanation. They're telling him to sit down as they're striking him. How can I sit down when you're striking me? The officers, say Johnson refused orders to sit. But Johnson was against a wall outnumbered and unarmed. Police, say officers are responding to a call from a woman who said her ex boyfriend was trying to break into her apartment police found the former boyfriend along with Johnson who says he was simply helping a neighbor German pharmaceutical giant. Bear a g. says, it's now completed. It's sixty three billion dollar acquisition of US seat and weed killer company. Monsanto Bayer says under the terms of the agreement, it will be the sole owner of the company with Monsanto shares, no longer trading on the new York Stock Exchange, a mixed close on Wall Street. Today, the Dow is up ninety five points to twenty five thousand to forty one. The NASDAQ closed down fifty, four points. You're listening to NPR. The US has announced it's sending emergency aid along with financial resources to help meet the needs of those affected by the volcano in Guatemala. The eruption of that country's volcano of fire has now claimed at least one hundred nine lives nearly double that number remain missing. The volcano began erupting last week covering some small villages with ashen debris up to the rooftops of homes, the centers for disease control and prevention as found that suicide rates have increased nearly every state over the past two decades NPR's Nell greenfieldboyce has the story every year tens of thousands of Americans killed themselves. That's why CDC researchers did a comprehensive analysis of suicides from nineteen ninety nine to twenty sixteen half the states saw suicide rates go up more than thirty percent. The increase was greatest in the central northern region of the United States, North Dakota, for example. So a fifty, seven point, six percent increase name. Wide, almost half of the people who killed themselves used guns and more than half of all suicides involved. People who are not known to have a mental health problem before their deaths Nell. Greenfieldboyce, NPR news when it comes to luxury goods. It appears consumers are opting more for the casual rather than the flashy, a new study by Bain consultants. He finds what's known as casual luxury is driving sales of everything from footwear to handbags. Bain says that sector of the luxury goods market is set to grow this year to around three hundred twenty nine billion dollars to sewing some of the biggest growth in terms of interesting casual buttery goods with a twenty to twenty five percent increase in the market. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.

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