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Not. Yeah. Dad doing that? Oh, an elderly Hispanic woman. That's right. I recognize your dad now. Okay. All right. Thank you doing fan. Doing the large work making county line was a was it big was a biggest film back from the back in the seventies. Very seventies type film and earthquake worth a watch. A because you see Chuck Heston at the most Chuck Heston, e he was very showed the height of Chuck Heston NIST like he did Chuck cast and doing Chuck Casten. And he had this crazy relationship is wife was like Ava Gardner something. But it's like she did that move like she did like movie drinking where it'd be like. It'd be like eight forty five in the morning. She'd being full make us down her hair all be hived. And then she'd walk over to the bar and pull the big goblet things Kanter out start pouring herself. And he'd like walk buying a little early for that. Isn't it my day or a full blown alcoholic disco? Pour yourself a big, bro. Cutty Sark in the morning. I gotta get down on the firm and Lauren green like own. The architecture firm was I think it was a guard. Was Eva guard wasn't Ava Gardner was one of those big time movie. A little pastor prime actress. Oh, it's always. Yeah. No, she's not going to be an Irwin Allen fucking film, playing out Kahal ick. Wife who is being cheated on by Chuck Heston on the last. She's a little pastor prime. Do we got her great? Can we find her check? All right, ready early in the film. Max paddle by little time. Thank you early in the film. Ava Gardner, like Chuck has thin when he's getting up like going on a jog and she's getting up and like drinking or something. And he's having one of great. I don't know why. But those domestic disputes in the totally seventies out houses. Like the shag carpet everywhere like think casino sunken living room. You got it. All right, right. Right. Right. Just got the cool. Right. She's pill-popping and drink, and he's whatever. And. Yeah. All right..

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