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Seventy seven degrees in central park should be a beautiful day w cbs news time is one oh three well the city's ban on styrofoam is back on a judge's siding with the city in finding the to go containers cannot be recycled w cbs's steve burns reports and some won't be too sad to see the styrofoam go mayor bill de blasio tweets the styrofoam ban will be implemented immediately after a legal battle the dates back three years could be an issue mung street food vendors but a lot of restaurants we've never used phone dmitri catches here at metro diner says customers would be unhappy with styrofoam we try to comedy the the people in neighborhood and as well as ourselves because unfortunately when ruining the environment for ourselves foil containers cost about four times more he says but when you're gonna put hot french fries when you get to put a burger or anything in their first of all it's going to melt the styrofoam around and it's no good for the customer i'd rather not make a customer ill then save some money the restaurant action alliance had sued the city last year arguing styrofoam is recyclable but the city disagree now the bands back in effect oh it's not clear what the consequences are for any scofflaws on the upper west side steve burns wcbs newsradio eight eighty well we'll learn this evening if justify as good enough to become racing's thirteenth triple crown winner the racists at the start at six forty five at belmont park a justified victory would make him to thirteen triple crown winner fans are coming here to belmont to be a part of history otis carruthers that michigan is completing his own triple crown i've went to all this year churchill and now i met the finale the belmont i hope that's paid for these trips i hope so carruthers was here in twenty fifteen when american hero when the last triple crown it was just a nominal the.

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