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Here's the dollar Detroit Lions the Andre swear Georgia okay okay so that's not what did you just say the lions could go running back here and you did that a lot last night didn't hear we are D. Andriy swift is the pick the address with the pick he is are out a lot of a lot of people have had him as meeting the number one running back interest interestingly they did he he is not a like about how tight but he's a guy who can impact the passing game so I mean it you know it's understandable that they took a running back but it but you know you you've got to impact the passing kit game today than I saw Hollande swift does he's a good receiver out of the backfield it's it's an intriguing pick I would tell you that this is a player that they have highly graded if they if they pass on a player like up at NASA who fit them to a tee you know they're gonna they're gonna come out and tell you that they have him as a very highly graded player Scott well if I'm wrong there were a lot of people that were kind of almost in all that he didn't go in the first round of the words snubbed was thrown around a little bit last night did did you think of them that highly or was he more sectoral back in your mind what do you it was the running back position is almost like the the quarterback position in fantasy football it's it's we're getting to the point where the where they become so sort of diminish that it's hard to call around one back when there aren't running back to really getting drafted in the first round anymore but yeah I would tell you that he's right in that range with with adwords to layer up you know and it's a matter of what you're gonna do for a team the reality is that anytime you take the ball out of a quarterback's hands take handed off to running back you're you're reducing your affection your efficiency as a as an offense in the Swiss can catch the catch passes he's really good at it he is you know I I think he's explosive he's fast he's got good size for a free in the short but he's got good size he's elusive he's twitchy healing and do a lot of different things for offense he's an intriguing player it's just you know just do the running back position it's been it's been deeply you know can be prioritized but they're not drafting him because of the because they're going to give him a full workload as a runner you know handing the ball to him they're drafting a because they're they're expecting him to do a lot of stuff receiving and and that's where the value is what and I think to Scott if you could talk at all because when it comes to running backs here yeah in Detroit or especially drafting guys what's is durability you know that because coming out and if he's a guy because if he's playing behind or with like you said it Carreon Johnson who we know has had injuries or you can go back to should all different running backs in the look the first rider Hockenson is here durable guy and that was the durable while he was with Georgia yes some durability issues he's he's had some stuff in the in the in the past low shoulder thing I think in twenty nineteen yet some of them I think I want to say he had surgery on both both growing but just really small tears we took a couple years ago so I don't yeah I don't think he missed anything where where you would say injuries are an issue and then the reality of of of this is that they all have little things that that nag them at times he's in he's beat started for them for two years he was a feature back in that offense the pro style offenses he's a good player he's a really good player you know I think there's gonna be some gnashing of teeth about that about what job why not Jonathan Taylor why not Dobbins I I would say that I would say that swift is a better fit for a modern offense and those guys are simply because of his ability to to help out in the passing game yeah I mean doesn't it what is yeah and does it also seem that when you look back and we'll look at this ticket also too is affected by who's picked after him who did they miss out on whose slide so somebody else lives to them for their next pick that could be more of a value ray here second third for Sean we're talking about it before you came on it it's the you really separate the boys from the man in whose planchets news plan checkers so to me it's the intricacies and and these points that you brought up is great so I mean it you know somebody that is versatile can catch the ball that's a new NFL no doubt no doubt events if wye Edward teller went to Kansas city let me last with the last pick in the first round last night that could easier it's easily been the address where he could easily have been right you know so he it's they're putting swift with Kerryon Johnson with the other players they have and and you know the running back room and and he just he he makes that room better I think you could make the argument that there might have been you know different ways to go about this but but I mean it's not like running back wasn't a need you know so I think I think swift is a solid option for where they are and again he just he needs to impact the passing game he can't he's a good player Scott one more thing we're we're up against a break we really appreciate you joining is Darren McCarty show here on seven sixty W. J. R. case you're just joining us D. Andriy swept a selected by the lions second round thirty fifth overall how does he compare to feel ready if you're going to hear it it it let this be the first time you're going to hear it a thousand fifty eight times more in the next twenty four hours is there a comparison of somebody says oh great we drafted to Theo Riddick how does she compare in yeah I guess in regards Ali may fit in well I think there's a similarity with the with the way they play well I mean you gotta remember that Riddick rhetoric a little time to develop as a is a receiver just the it's a compatibility blocker like on third down type stuff and he ended up being pretty dynamic there where he would just you know he was he was pretty lights out protection so swift as the work he's gonna have to go to work on that he's going to have to to really merge in pass protection but you know he's he's every bit the receiver that Rick was he may not be quite as dynamic as shifty as Riddick was but I think he's a little bit he's got more long speed and I think you've got more ability to to make bigger plays happen where Riddick was very difficult to cover over a short space so I think I I mean I think's what does get a little more long speed we can eat you may feel more dynamic you know over over a distance where Rick was more what kind of phone booth quickness great stuff pal you're the best I really appreciate you joining us here tonight no problem and you will be following me on Twitter and you're not you're going to a podcast Mar we'd have to call back sometime we get him on as well the guy knows his stuff appreciate your friend thanks all right Scott Bischoff Kylie joining its mac will get the reaction until sketch has an ear on what's going on in Elmwood park we get your thoughts as well during McCarty show Friday night right here seven sixty W. 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