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Yeah that's that's a hell of a hell of a good question every oh based solely off of talent who would you rather see be the villain in a next bad boys craig t nelson or whoopie goldberg creaky nelson very random question but would you rather craig t nelson or won't be goldberg which says woopsie goldberg's clearly to eric fan but we'll be goldberg as the villain in the third bad boys coming out in twenty twenty so the questions is based solely on talent i don't know if i know enough to go head to head to evaluate the talent comparisons between craig t nelson whoopi goldberg so point of ignorance on my part i apologize i will tell you what i would rather see would be craig t nelson in that role because i think he could play a more tongue in cheek stereotypical bad guy 'cause he just looks like one he craig t nelson look at his face is scary looking yes scary looking dude what be incredible whoopie so inviting i don't i'm not afraid of her at all especially for anyone who's watched the next generation like she just she's like a counselor like she's a very nice human being to talk to and i'm not afraid of her at all sort of terrified of creek deals in space yeah i'm afraid of craig t nelson i don't think i'll ever meet craig t nelson hopefully i will gonna be afraid of him when i meet him though if i do terrify he looks like he's six foot nine do just looks like tower over me just had this hand that would just completely in veloping my own hand he's such a firm handshake we're going to send you on the incredible to press tour you can meet creek nelson see what he's all about a mr mr t nelson can you speak a little bit about the nineteen ninety six season of coach i know that your character was sent to coach the orlando breakers professional football team but do you ever think that he wishes he could go back to minnesota state i crazy nelson person that's the end of the joke into the joke.

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