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Doing he's doing it. Well it is a incredible remarkable and inspiring store hit four threes. he did play well from beyond the arc. There on saturday hit four. Threes on seven attempts finished with sixteen points as i mentioned five texas players in double figures remy led the way with nineteen greg brown at twelve in addition to fourteen boards by the way the amac colin played. Well cajones play well and like it's a luxury for texas. This isn't what the team wants or anything like that but jericho sims log. Seventeen minutes the only had he had two points. He had three boards. He can be better than that. And i think they've got a pretty solid eight-man rotation there at ut with six kind of super reliable players for west. Virginia it's a stinging loss I thought miles mcbride could have been a little bit better. Derek culver not quite as good No oscar she bay Who by the way commuted kentucky earlier on sunday. But we'll get to that property in the podcast. But i thought no she boy in this game actually made a difference if you told me that he had been available and playing even just his baseline for this season. I actually thought west. Virginia won this game. Now it's getting a little bit of a dose of what it's going to be like without him west virginia for those who aren't ears fans. Trying to keep track your. It's lost three of his past five. It's wins have come at home against northeastern and then they stole one against oklahoma state. They've got a schedule game. Tuesday night against baylor. Just keep an eye on west. Virginia here still think it's gonna be good enough to get in the tournament but i just am not convinced. I've been this way a while with west virginia even when she was in the lineup. I'm just not quite convinced. This is a second week in love kind of team a team. That's going to wind up with a relatively respectable seat as we head in there. Maybe i'll be wrong. Maybe it will shock the world baylor on tuesday night but there's nothing to indicate that's going to happen. It gets a little bit of after that with home games against tcu and oklahoma state but just keep an eye but yes. This was the thought it was the biggest shot the biggest game the biggest takeaway on saturday and we can get to the other stuff in a second here. But i'm glad we love with it because texas for me. It's the best start for them. Since two thousand ten eleven they won their first eleven league games that season and at ten and one. it's now proven texas. I mean it. Kansas wins at west virginia. In addition to beating indiana northwestern. There's enough there. It's gonna take another loss or two or three that's gonna come but a top five defense knocking on the door. A top ten offense. This is it. This is the team. This is a team. That's good enough. Not saying it will but it is good enough. I believe with that roster if everyone can stay healthy and you continue to get production. Jones coleman raimi's really coming along. He's our best three point shooter by far. Yes certainly if you're ut fan and you've been kind of aching get back to the final four since that year we got knocked about knocked out by mellow and cues. This can certainly be that team at thought. This kind of wind goes a long way to prove that leads. The nation in quadrant one wins but texas leads the nation blood winds. They've got the neutral over indiana at kansas and a win over north carolina so they have wins over three of the biggest brands in the sport. Texas next game. Wednesday against texas tech. That is another quadrant. one opportunity. gonzaga and baylor both remained undefeated this weekend. We'll talk zags and bears next but first.

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