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The development team is in into different organizations within within the team so thinking about the product holistically in how to break that up in a in a way that makes sense so we ended up with an organization that dealt with just payments where if we wanna bring a new payment method to ought to life if we want to do an additional integration to aback baking partner that organization pen of took care of that and then you'd have another organization that way i'm focus on some of our what we call ecosystem stocks or marketplace product or architectural congress product things that are a little bit different than our core processing platform and there are a few more organizations but with any organization you would have leads at the top and we really kind of body into this this on philosophy that the leads there stood there's kind of three leaves you have someone who is leading technology you have someone who is leading the product and have someone who is leading engineering manager whose leading kind of the the people aspect of things any broke down even further where he have group level and then from there you have team level so we can always rollout but whatever kind of meets acts in each level would have those three leaders that work as a team together to make sure things were happening in that the people were taken care of the product is correct in that attack was with you know on retract it because we think one of the things that's interesting when you look at larger organisations at the one that you're describing is how does it make sense to carve up the ownership how does it make sense to carve up the product rate because i think that's a tricky you know if you if you are part of an organization like apple or or microsoft i think many people listening can readily understand oak you microsoft word is a product microsoft excel as a product we can see that separation clearly it starts to feel a little bit stranger i think when you think about noah.

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